Cinnamon Gluten Free Donuts


Last week or so Andy was missing cider doughnuts. I never had them, but he did. When I ask him where he had them he says, “the northeast.” This frustrates me because I think of myself as being from the northeast, even though technically I’m not. I’m from Maryland, which is just south of Mason-Dixon… 

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Coffee Gluten Free Brownies


Wow, it is so quiet in my house right now. Freaky. This almost never happens. My husband, kids, and I are pretty much attached at the hip. We’re obsessed with each other, for better or worse. I can’t stand to be parted from them for very long. Of course, if you offered me a nice… 

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Banana Cinnamon & Sugar Doughnuts


These cute little clouds are soft chewy banana cinnamon & sugar doughnuts. While my favorites are still the mini Boulder creams, these are Zoe’s favorite, so I thought I would share them too. They’re made with coconut flour and no eggs or starch. —Something I thought couldn’t be done. I used a combination of mashed… 

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Mini Boulder Cream Doughnuts


Before I knew I was celiac I was crazy for Boston Cream doughnuts. Haven’t had one in 8 years. Then somehow I developed this dough recipe. I’ve made it a million so many times now that I can’t remember how it began, but I love how it’s turned out: Doughy. Stretchy. When I bit in I knew in… 

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