My Kitchen Tools

Here’s a list of my favorite appliances and kitchen tools. If you order through these links I will receive a small commission. Thank you so much for your support! ♥, Kelly

Kitchen Appliances and Tools

Blendtec Total Blender with WildSide Jar
I’ve been using BlendTec blender several times a day since 2007. I think it’s the best blender around. See a comparison video.
Cuisinart Food Processor
I use my food processor constantly.
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker
This is the ice cream machine I have always used, just a updated model that comes in pretty colors.
Benriner Turner Slicer
This hand-cranked spiralizer is great for turning zucchini and sweet potatoes into noodles. I think you get what you pay for with spiralizers. This one has stood the test of time for us.
Cuisinart Hand Blender
I don’t use my emersion blender very often, but it’s a nice little tool.
Excalibur Dehydrator
This is the smaller, less expensive Excalibur dehydrator.
Nesco Dehydrator
This is the dehydrator I used for 5 years before I dropped the base and broke it. I loved it and I need to replace it. Or switch to the Excalibur. Haven’t decided yet :-)
Size 40 Scoop
A scoop like this is fantastic for making regular-sized cookies, meatballs, etc. I use it every week.


Glass Jugs
These are the best for homemade almond milk, or any nut milk.
BPA-Free Freezer Tray
I adore these ice cube trays. I’ve been using them for at least 6 years. I mainly freeze almond milk and pudding in them to use in smoothies and shakes. Don’t put the lids in the dishwasher and you’ll have these trays forever.
BPA-Free Ice Pop Molds
We use these for pudding pops and fruit pops. You can also use popsicle sticks in place of the sticks they come with if you want a more rustic look. This company Tovolo has a lot of fun ice cream and ice pop molds. Just look around their “Sweet Treats” category on their website.
LifeFactory glass sippy Bottle
Ginger is obsessed with her LifeFactory glass sippy bottle. It’s so much healthier than BPA-Free plastic bottles, and better for the environment. We’ve had the same one for going on 3 years now, and it’s fallen dozens of times without breaking.
Now Designs Ecologie Bamboo Dinner Plates, Side Plates, and Bowls
These plates, bowls, and cups made from bamboo and rice are a great alternative to plastic. Amazon doesn’t seem to sell the cups, but I’ve seen them at stores like ACE and Target.
Nut Milk Bag
You can use a cheesecloth to strain nut meal to make nut milks, but I prefer these nut milk bags.
Stainless Steel Drinking Straws
Plastic drinking straws are a terrible waste, so I give my kids these stainless steel straws. We also tried these Dharma Decorative glass straws. They’re cute, but not so great for kids (they dropped and broke them).
Clean-Burning Soy Candles by Beanpod
A candle isn’t a necessary kitchen tool, but I just love having them once in a while. These soy-based candles are great because they are clean-burning. Traditional parafin wax candles are derived from petroleum and pollute the air in your house!