Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you buy your ingredients?
A: When I can’t find something at my local health food store I shop at, on and Tropical Traditions. If you follow these links for your order, then I receive a small commission. Thank you so much!

Q: What kind of coconut milk do you use?
A: I prefer the brands Aroy-D and full-fat Natural Value because they taste great and they are BPA-free and gum-free. Other coconut milk “drinks” or “beverages” that come in a carton are watered-down and unsuitable for my recipes.

Q: What can I use in place of coconut flour?
A: I’m sorry, I don’t know. Coconut flour is very unusual. Ingredients that can be substituted are indicated in the recipe.

Q: What can I use in place of almond meal flour?
A: I’m sorry, I don’t know. Almond meal flour is also very unusual. Ingredients that can be substituted are indicated in the recipe.

Q: If I don’t want to use coconut flour and/or almond meal flour should I buy your cookbooks?
A:I would suggest that you don’t buy my cookbooks in that case. There are lots of other GF/CF cookbooks which use less expensive gluten-free flour mixes.

Q: What is stevia and is it safe?
A: It’s an herb. and yes. See this post about stevia.

Q: What brand of stevia do you use?
A: I use NuNaturals and NOW Foods liquid vanilla stevia.

Q: What can I use in place of stevia?
A: Stevia is unique. It’s up to 300 times sweeter than sugar. I don’t know of anything comparable.

Q: Can I use unflavored stevia in place of vanilla stevia and add vanilla extract?
A: Yes. A lot of people do that.

Q: Can I substitute sugar for the coconut sugar in your recipes?
A: Yes, the amount is the same.

Q: Can I substitute egg in place of the flax/chia/applesauce in your egg-free recipes?
A: I have not yet successfully substituted eggs in all of my egg-free recipes. When I know that eggs can be substituted it is indicated in the recipe.

Q: Do I need to extend the bake time of your recipes or add more flour if I live at sea level?
A: Probably not. My recipes have all been tested extensively at sea level. Also note that the size and shape of your bakeware effects bake time, and oven temperatures vary.

Q: What brand of (almond, coconut, etc) flour do you use?
A: I use Honeyville and Bob’s almond meal flour, and Bob’s or Tropical Traditions coconut flour.

Q: Can I substitute flax for chia?
A: I think so.

Q: Can I use my oven if I don’t have a dehydrator?
A: I can’t be sure that my dehydrator recipes will work in your oven, but you can try. I would suggest using the oven’s lowest temperature or warming option, as heat destroys omega fatty acids.

Q: Do you prefer a Vita-Mix or a Blendtec?
A: I prefer Blendtec, but I think both are excellent.

Q: If I don’t have a Vita-Mix or Blendtec can I use a food processor?
A: I think so. Hold the lid down firmly if you do, to help prevent leaking.

Q: Why do you eat mostly grain-free?
A: I find it much easier to maintain my weight on a mostly grain-free diet. Also, Ashley and I have an easier time digesting grain-free food.

Q: How do you get enough fiber eating mostly grain-free flours?
A: Coconut flour is half fiber—it has more fiber than any other flour.

Q: Are beans allowable on the Paleo Diet?
A: Yes. Read Chris Kesser’s article about beans in the Paleo Diet.

Q: Can I use canned beans rather than cook my own?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Does it matter what kind of white beans I use in your bean recipes?
A: No, not at all. Sometimes I even use red beans :-)

Q: Can I substitute another oil for coconut oil or ghee?
A: Usually yes. However, I can’t say for certain that any substitution will work without testing it myself.

Q: Do you accept guest posts?
A: No, it is very seldom that I have guests create content for my blog. When I do, they are friends of mine.