Win Paleo mayo and a paleo sauces book


A few weekends ago I went to a get-together in Los Angeles and met the CEO of Mark Sisson’s company Primal Nutrition. They just came out with a new mayonnaise, and I love the yummy healthy ingredients: avocado oil, organic cage-free eggs, organic vinegar, sea salt, and rosemary. That’s it! Primal Kitchen offered some of their… 

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Where I shop for my ingredients

Shop for organic foods on iHerb

When we lived in Colorado we were very fortunate to have Vitamin Cottage, a grocery store that sells organic food at great prices (now called Natural Grocers). But most of my readers were struggling to find my organic ingredients at an affordable price where they lived. That’s when my brother told me about As with… 

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Cappello’s Giveaway in May


I have a delicious giveaway for you today! We’ve been loving Cappello’s grain-free pasta since they first started in Colorado. It is THE BEST.  For 10% off your order this week use my coupon code spunkycoco in the checkout on their website (expires Thursday 5/21 at 10:59 Pacific Time). This prize package includes 1 signed copy… 

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Chocolate and Cookbook Giveaway


(This giveaway is now closed.) I am so excited to have found Pure7 Chocolate! Julie and Carrie make organic, fairly traded, high cacao, honey-sweetened, healthy chocolate. We’re giving away a package containing 8 bars (1 of each flavor), plus a signed copy of my Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook and Dairy-Free Ice Cream book. For a… 

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Book Trailer


I had to bring in a makeup and wardrobe stylist for this high production book trailer. Dairy-Free Ice Cream is available for pre-order discount now And sign up to my  Spunky Newsletter for more news and subscriber giveaways! ♥, Kelly

No-Fuss Skillet Chocolate Cake!


My dear friend, Leanne, who is the delight behind Healthful Pursuit, tweaked my recipe from Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ and took these amazing photos! I wanted to make sure you knew, in case you missed it on Facebook She called her variation, No-Fuss Skillet Chocolate Cake. Go check it out! ♥, Kelly

Most Popular Recipes of 2013


Last year we started the tradition of posting the most popular recipes of the year. I can’t even remember what the most popular recipes are myself, so a look back is helpful. Like right now I’m thinking, “I’ve GOT to make that Coconut Milk Bread again!” and, “When was the last time I even ate… 

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Most Popular Recipes of 2012

My friend Lexie had this great idea to post All-Star Recipes of 2012 on her blog this month. I thought I would do the same here, and post some of my most popular recipes of 2012. As I was going through them I realized that the majority of my most popular recipes were baked goods and… 

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Japanese Sweet Potato Baby Food

I made Japanese sweet potato puree for Ginger’s first solid food. She loves it. Garnet and Jewel work too, but they aren’t as creamy in taste or texture as the Japanese sweet potato. Besides, Japanese sweet potatoes were the only kind my health food store had a few days ago – so there you go… 

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Cherry’s Homemade Gluten-Free Dog Food

Above: Cherry, in her favorite spot on the porch, basking in the sun. We take our dog to a holistic vet, and he insists that cooked real food is better for our dog than “dog food.” He says that dog food is so overly processed that no nutritional value remains, which is why they have… 

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