Dairy-Free Potatoes au Gratin


For Easter this weekend we are going to my dear friend Rina’s house with my brother, Brandon who lives in LA. Tomorrow we will pick Brandon up from the train (he lives in LA without a car—crazy some say ) and spend some time letting the girls play on the beach. From there we go… 

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Super Cheesy Kale Chips (dairy-free)


Have you tried the kale chips that come in tarragon dijon, chipotle, and southwest ranch? I ADORE them. I hadn’t bought storebought kale chips in years, because the first ones I tried were so bad. Then I picked up a bag of those and they rocked my world. At the local health food store in… 

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Bacon & Macadamia Creamed Greens


Do you have a CSA box or your own garden? If so, you may be overwhelmed with greens right about now. Chard, kale, collard greens. We get a local box from Door to Door Organics, and I can barely keep up with all the greens. Yesterday I decided to use up a ton of kale… 

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Roasted Rainbow Carrots


I’m a huge admirer of Jamie Oliver—as a person and as a cook. Last week I made a grain-free variation of his chocolate clafoutis for my Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook. Yum. Tonight I made another dish inspired by Jamie, and it is so simple, you’re going to love it. He used fresh  garlic and thyme, which… 

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Grape Jam


This is the third year since we planted our grapes. I give them (and everything in our yard) worm castings and water. Nothing else. And they are thriving. Below is Zoe sitting with the first basket so you can get a sense of how many grapes there are. We don’t own a scale, but I… 

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Cashew Dip by Hallie at Daily Bites

I’m so excited to have my sweet friend Hallie from Daily Bites offer her Cashew Ranch Dip in today’s guest post. Enjoy! ♥, Kelly Kelly and I met through our blogs a while ago. I’m continually amazed at what great friends a person can make from behind a computer screen! I was lucky enough to… 

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Taco potato wedges

In ongoing effort to not use my oven (as much as possible) in the heat this summer, I decided to make potato wedges in the crock pot. I used my friend Stephanie’s technique . They came out really yummy—so yummy we made them twice. We had white potatoes, but next time I’m going to try… 

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