Reflecting on 2014


This Christmas marked six months that we have been living in this house in Southern California. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long! We miss the pool and hot tub at the condo we were renting down the street from this house, but having a big patio and yard is so nice. Usually there are… 

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My sweet girl, and progress we have made.


I always get lots of loving comments and emails from you guys, asking if I’ve tried this or that for Ashley. For those of you who don’t know, Ashley has autism and global delay. After the Gluten, Constipation, and Autism post, I had even more questions than usual, and sadly, I don’t have time to answer them all… 

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Gluten, constipation, and autism. It’s all connected! And a “Coffee Milkshake” that has changed Ashley’s life :-)


Hey everybody! This is a video where I talk about how gelatin has made Ashley regular after a YEAR of struggling with constipation and trying EVERYTHING under the sun. It’s been a month of almost daily poops (Sorry I said poop on a food blog. Had to be done.). It’s definitely a record, and lets… 

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Ashley’s Progress

As you may recall if you have been reading along here, last year was really hard for Ashley, and therefor for all of us. Autism gradually reared it’s big bad ugly head over a period of months, until it was all we could do to make it through the day. Then my friend Tom at Nourishing Meals… 

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and the trouble appears to be…

Yesterday I shared how terrible Ashley has been feeling lately. Then last night my friend Tom Malterre called and questioned me about every supplement I give Ashley. And guess what we found? Wheat germ. Ugh. It was like having an out-of-body experience when I found it. I thought I must be mistaken. I wanted to… 

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Finding Comfort in Soup & Simplifying

It’s time for a little heart to heart conversation between me and you. I’ve hinted at it in recent posts, but I thought it would be best to really share what’s been going on. Times have been hard with autism lately. That big bad wolf has seriously reared it’s ugly head. The last time Ashley… 

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Therapeutic Riding at CTRC

I love spring. Especially the smell of flowers everywhere. And the sound of bugs at night. Love that. The girls and I took these photos on one of our daily walks.  Lilacs are one of the best smells of spring, don’t you think? Mmm… At therapeutic riding, Ashley’s instructor has been taking the class outside…. 

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See UPDATES on this post at the very bottom Have you ever done anything crazy while you were pregnant? I’m not talking about pregnancy-brain, oh so forgetful. I’m talking about big changes. When I was pregnant with Zoe I sold our first townhouse. Then I sold our second townhouse when I was pregnant with Ashley…. 

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