Oak Glen Apple Picking

moms country orchards oak glen

About a month ago one of my friends told me about how she almost moved to Oak Glen, CA. I told her that I had never heard of it (we’re new here). She explained that Oak Glen is the heart of Southern California’s scenic apple growing country. There are about ten orchards where people can go for… 

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patio & dining room before & after


Knowing how much I LOVE seeing inside people’s houses (come on, tell me you don’t try to sneak a peak when you’re out for a walk and it gets dark…) I thought I would share mine with you. I’m pretty crazy about this place, and I’ve been slowly making it feel like home since we… 

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Paleo fx 2014


Remember last year when I was so wrapped up in my chocolate book-making bubble that I didn’t even know about Paleo fx, and jumped on a plane with Ginger 10 hours after finding out? That was so funny. Ginger and I had a blast. This year I was ready, but sadly Ginger, who is going… 

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Our Spunky Road Trip


Day 1 On Saturday the 31st we loaded the last of our stuff into the POD, and drove to Boulder for a farewell Whole Foods dinner with my dear Elana. Oh. How. I. Cried. We drove into the mountains, arriving at out hotel in Frisco just in time for bed. Day 2 As we were… 

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Gluten Free Carrot Muffins


    I used my Carrot Cake, and turned it into muffins! Zoe asked for gluten free carrot muffins for her birthday sleepover with her best friend, since carrot cake is her best friend’s favorite cake She also asked for a vintage turquoise typewriter for her birthday. Her reaction was so great! Gluten Free Carrot… 

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Spunky Summer


Rocky Mountain National Park I wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to lately. You’ve been with me through some tough times. Today I want to celebrate these good times with you, because everyone has been doing so well! We’ve been having lots of fun.  Recently we went to Rocky Mountain National Park…. 

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