Lemon Herb Chicken


This is our new favorite chicken dish. It is so simple and yet such an explosion of flavor. I’ve always loved getting chicken with lemon sauce when we go out to eat, and now we can have it at home with organic ingredients. I’ve read that chicken (which isn’t organic) is fed arsenic to make… 

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Creamy Bok Choy with Dumplings


Ashley loves routine. She also loves going grocery shopping at Natural Grocers, pushing the cart, and saying “hi!” to everyone she sees (and I do mean everyone :-). And she loves her therapeutic horseback riding more than I can tell you. She talks about it constantly. “Tomorrow I have riding!” she tells everyone. Zoe and… 

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Faux Fried Eggplant (gluten-free)


Last night I was searching for inspiration—eggplant inspiration. On Facebook I asked you guys, “What is your favorite thing to do with eggplant?” You all made my mouth water with your eggplant recipes, but what really sounded good to me was fried eggplant. However, I’m not skilled at frying (thank goodness, or I would do… 

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Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza


Why haven’t I done this sooner?! These sausage, egg and cheese gluten free breakfast pizzas are so easy and so yummy. The rice tortilla gets all crispy, and the egg is perfectly over-medium… Yum. My family absolutely adores them. You can’t tell by the angle of these photos, but the cooked egg whites nearly cover the… 

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Spinach Pie with Gluten Free Crust


Back in January I made these battered gluten-free chicken nuggets /strips after finding my old recipe journal. It brought back a lot of fond memories of old favorites. Another one from that journal that I’ve been missing lately is the classic, spinach pie. Yesterday I decided to recreate it, gluten and dairy free. It came… 

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Paleo Taco Pie


My husband battled with me over the name of this recipe. He calls it a “fancy burger with fries,” while I call it a “taco pie.” I can see his point. The potatoes on the bottom are like fries, while the meat and condiments are rolled into one filling on top. But the spices are… 

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