Pumpkin Paleo Chili


While we were on our book tour / road trip for nearly a month I daydreamed about what we would do when we got home. I imagined how I could simplify our life and make more time for the kids. One of my thoughts was to do more menu planning. It’s so nice knowing what… 

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Sweet Potato Noodles


I posted this photo (above) on Instagram today, and a bunch of people were curious what it was and how to make it, so I thought I would write a quick explanation. These are sweet potato noodles. Not store-bought noodles that have sweet potato mixed with flour, but noodles literally made from spiralized sweet potato. I cook my… 

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Dairy Free Pizza Quiche


I didn’t set out to make a pizza flavored dairy-free quiche. I was just scrambling for ingredients, and an Italian theme emerged accidentally. In the pantry I grabbed black olives and sundried tomatoes. From the fridge I grabbed spinach and an onion. Oregano and garlic seemed to go with everything else, so I grabbed those… 

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Carrot, Kielbasa, & Fried Egg Cauli-Hash


I am super busy working on the next cookbook every minute that I’m not busy being a mom. And that isn’t very many minutes So meals have become a question of what can I make that’s fast, satisfying, and most of all that everyone will actually eat. Hash is one of those things. Or is it… 

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Chorizo and Eggs with Avocado


Everybody has a go-to meal, don’t you think? Something that (pretty much) everyone in the family will eat, that you can whip up in a matter of minutes. Something that tastes great. My go-to meal changes with time, and as we get tired of it. Right now it’s chorizo and eggs with avocado. Sometimes I… 

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Stuffed Acorn Squash


Hi again from Lake George, New York! Tomorrow is our last day here before we begin heading back. On Sunday we will take the train again, this time getting off at Penn Station, and spending the evening and Monday morning in the city. From there we fly back to Denver. It’s been such a great… 

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Zucchini Noodles


It’s been pasta week at my house. Grain-free pasta that is : ) First we had kelp noodles a couple times, and then we moved on to this zucchini fettucini. While the kelp noodles are best with Asian sauces, the zucchini noodles work well with Italian. To get them shaped like fettucini pasta I used… 

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Kelp Noodles with Thai Coconut Curry


We are crazy for curry. This recipe is nice because I can make it mild for Zoe, then add more heat for the rest of us, and everyone loves it : ) I have it pictured here by itself, but we often add cauliflower, red pepper and chicken. These kelp noodles are a-mazing and Paleo/grain-free…. 

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Chard Wraps with Cashew Cheese


This past weekend at the gluten-free fair here in Denver I brought a variation of these wraps for lunch. My friend Elana loved them so much, she said I had to do a post about them. Simply wash and dry the chard, then remove the stem. Spread a very thin layer of this cashew cheese on… 

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