Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

cauliflower mashed potatoes

Don’t these mock mashed potatoes look amazing? They are =) I got the idea from my friend, Elana. You can see her recipe here. Although I do eat white potatoes once in a while, I don’t like to eat them constantly. But to have “mashed potatoes” more often sounds like a good idea to me…. 

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Coconut Dreams (Gluten Free Cookies)


A few days ago I posted my variation of Scandinavian Thumbprint Cookies, and many of you tried them and love them I wanted to try another recipe from the cookbook which inspired the thumbprint cookies, Swedish Cakes and Cookies. The second recipe comes from the same page as the first, and is called Coconut Dreams…. 

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Christmas Cookies (gluten-free)


We’re in full-swing Christmas spirit here, and one of our favorite ways to celebrate is by making cookies together These stars are my gluten-free chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. We floured the dough lightly, rolled it out, and used two sizes of star cookie cutters. Then we melted dairy-free chocolate chips on the lowest heat…. 

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My Fall Table

I plan on baking and eating most of the pumpkins we grew in our garden this year, but I also wanted to save a few for the table. =) It looks pretty without dishes, above, and with dishes, below. We aren’t planning a party, nor do we have guests coming for dinner in the near… 

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