Salted Caramel Pecan Pie without Corn Syrup


This time of year is all about being with people you love. I’ve been super fortunate that although we can’t see our families on the East Coast, we have been able to see so many friends lately. We spent Halloween at our friends’ house north of LA. My friend Lisa and I have known each… 

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ALL DAY Valentine’s Day MENU!


Last night I was putting the girls to sleep when I had this great idea. An ALL DAY Valentine’s Day MENU! Chocolate in everything we eat all day long. I can’t wait to hear their little squeals It begins with one of our favorites: “Nutella” Pancakes, from page 44 of my chocolate book. They’re high in… 

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3 Ingredient Strawberry White Chocolate Candies for Valentine’s Day!


These Strawberry White Chocolate Candies are super fast to make for Valentine’s Day! They’re based on my White Chocolate Bars from Paleo Chocolate Lovers’. I simply used ground freeze-dried strawberries to color, flavor, and sweeten the white chocolate. It’s that easy! The recipe is at the bottom of this post so you can make them… 

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Our Scandinavian-inspired Christmas


Our Scandinavian-inspired Christmas begins with dinner tomorrow night, Christmas Eve. I’m not making very many things, but I’m making enough for leftovers on Christmas day. Of course we’re having Swedish Meatballs from my eBook substituting almond flour for bread crumbs. They’re so good I always ask myself, “Why don’t I make these the rest of the… 

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Our Thanksgiving Menu


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I’m already planning my menu. I’ll be making some of these recipes for my family, many of which are already traditions. For super easy side dishes we love these Cauliflower (mock) Mashed Potatoes. They are so creamy and good, without any dairy or white potato. This Butternut Squash with… 

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Nut Crackers? No, Nutcrackers!


Hi, It’s Kelly’s husband Andrew here with a funny story for you. Putting away Christmas decorations reminded me of this. When we first went gluten-free we often bought almond nut crackers from the store (we don’t buy them these days because of the rice and butter). Maybe it was the Christmas of 2003 that Kelly… 

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Christmas Cucidati (Italian fig cookies)


Hi everybody. It’s me Andrew, Kelly’s husband. I made a recipe for the blog. With holidays coming up I’ve been thinking about Christmases past. My family moved to Pennsylvania when I was a little kid, but we drove back to Schenectady, NY for a week every Christmas. My Grandpa Corty and Grandma Margo’s house was… 

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Happy Thanksgiving


I am so grateful for all your love and support! ♥, Kelly P.S. My sweetie made this cranberry sauce (above) late last night when we realized we had forgotten   He used THIS recipe, but with 1/4 to 1/2 of the sweetener. It’s a-mazing.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie


Despite the fact that it was 90-something degrees yesterday, and will be again today, I am in the mood for fall and pumpkin pie : ) I already have an Egg-free Pumpkin Pie made with gelatin, but I wanted a vegan version too, like my vegan pumpkin chai bars. So after reading this comment on… 

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