dairy-free chocolate orange mousse


Those of you who follow my family journal blog know that we got a giant bag of oranges from our friend’s farm this week. They are so good. We’ve been eating them alone, making fresh orange juice, and I even made yet another orange pie. Then Heather had a great idea: make Chocolate Orange Mousse!… 

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bite-size almond butter freezer treats


At a hike with friends this morning we were talking about uses for almond butter, which reminded me of these bite-size freezer treats. So we came home and made some! (After I accidentally sat on a cactus -ouch!) They were so good we ate half while we were making them! ♥, Kelly Cinnamon Raisin Bite-Size… 

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Bananas Foster


Here’s the thing about eating healthy: You can even have dessert for breakfast! Yesterday I made my Vanilla Pudding (below) and this morning I walked into the kitchen, saw the bananas were ripe, and said to myself, “I’ll make my bananas foster for breakfast!” It’s a little different from the one they serve in restaurants… 

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Frozen Sunbutter Fudge


My daughter has struggled with yeast overgrowth in her body, so we avoid peanuts, which grow in the ground and carry fungus (not that this mold is really good for any of us). I came up with this recipe using Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) because it has a similar taste to peanut butter and everyone… 

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Apple Crumble

I gravitate towards more and more raw meals as the weather gets warmer, and this one became a staple in my frig last summer. As usual with raw food it’s a zip to make, once the soaking is done. It just involves a few steps, all of which require the food processor. The author of… 

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Indian Rice Pudding

Unlike packaged puddings, mine is gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free, and you just can’t beat that fresh homemade taste. I like it hot or cold, depending on my mood, and the weather. Tonight I topped it with cinnamon, and Hunza organic golden raisins, which I soaked for an hour to make them plump and moist. You… 

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