Tapioca Pudding (dairy-free, vegan)

I’m so excited to do another giveaway for iHerb! I just love giving you free stuff Here’s how this one works: iHerb offered me $25 worth of complimentary products, which I also get to give away to two of my readers. Yay! So I chose ingredients that I thought you (and I) would enjoy, plus… 

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Raw Chocolate and (fake) Peanut butter Fondue

The weather has been sensational and so we have been outside non-stop; eating on the porch constantly. I feel invigorated by the mild temperatures, sunshine and blue skies. Tonight we had a terrific salad for dinner that was probably half walnuts and half lettuce. It also contained a good quarter cup of raw hemp seeds,… 

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Chocolate & (fake) Peanut butter Sandwiches

This Chocolate & (fake) Peanut Butter spread is something that we eat often—sometimes all by itself like an after dinner treat. One tablespoon is as satisfying or more than a whole dessert. I have other versions of it, like the Frozen Sunbutter Fudge on page 166 in my cookbook. Sunbutter (which tastes similar to peanut… 

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GFCF Halloween Candy

I am officially addicted to home movies! The girls and I have been having so much fun with it! And the Halloween Candy rocks also; I’m off to eat a piece now Cheers my dears! Click to see this larger on Youtube Ginger & Chocolate Halloween Candy Melt 1 bar of dark chocolate over double… 

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Blueberry Dairy-Free Parfait


As we speak, my husband is devouring the blueberry parfait in this photograph, and I keep hearing comments like, “Oh, this is so good.” And getting my meat-and-cake-eating-man to eat anything fresh and uncooked means it must be true! What’s also really nice about this blueberry parfait (besides how healthy it is) is that it… 

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dairy-free chocolate orange mousse


Those of you who follow my family journal blog know that we got a giant bag of oranges from our friend’s farm this week. They are so good. We’ve been eating them alone, making fresh orange juice, and I even made yet another orange pie. Then Heather had a great idea: make Chocolate Orange Mousse!… 

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bite-size almond butter freezer treats


At a hike with friends this morning we were talking about uses for almond butter, which reminded me of these bite-size freezer treats. So we came home and made some! (After I accidentally sat on a cactus -ouch!) They were so good we ate half while we were making them! ♥, Kelly Cinnamon Raisin Bite-Size… 

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