Frozen Vanilla Almond Tea Latte


These frozen tea lattes are my latest passion. I made this one with Vanilla Almond black tea, frozen homemade hemp and cashew milks. Yummy! I wonder what tea I’ll find and use next? Do you have a favorite that might be good? Add to blender: 4 cubes frozen hemp milk 5 cubes frozen cashew milk 1… 

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Blueberry Cream Smoothies

It is so hot here today. When we lived on the east coast I remember thinking how the summers in Colorado must be like they are in Maine. One of my good childhood friends moved to Maine when we were still young, and twice we went to visit her, since our moms were also close…. 

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Frozen Cafe au Lait

Here is a photo of how I store my nut milks in the frig – almond, cashew, macadamia, coconut, etc. I like to use glass because plastic leaches toxins into your food and drinks. Also glass doesn’t hold odors or stain like plastic. You can find these on amazon: Glass Jugs If you are casein-free… 

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