self portrait with chia coffee


Here I am in my kitchen right now taking photos and making up recipes. It’s just so hot outside! I’ve waited five minutes, and it’s still hot 😉 So I made up another coffee drink, and I think it’s pretty sweet. My hubby came up from his office downstairs and gave it a big thumbs… 

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Plum or Nectarine Smoothies, dairy-free


We made more smoothies like the ones I mentioned on the Spunky Coconut Facebook Page yesterday, and they were so pretty I had to take a picture I don’t measure exactly, but I made enough to fill my blender to the top line. Here are my ingredients: Add to blender: 2 plums or nectarines, cut… 

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Almond Latte-licious

Photo by Zoe This may look like a moo milk latte, but it isn’t. It’s an almond latte with foam and everything. And it rocks. I don’t know if you could get the foam with a regular blender, but all you guys with a Vita-Mix or Blendtec—listen up! Here’s how you do it: Make your… 

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Green Smoothies


First thing this morning we made some more green smoothies and drank them on the porch. I don’t think I ever make them the same way twice—Are you like that too with smoothies? I just can’t stop playing around with the ingredients and proportions =) Green Smoothies 2 cups packed fresh washed spinach 1 inch… 

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Cherry & Chocolate Hemp Shake


Some days (like today) I make Zoe and Ashley lunch, and they just aren’t in the mood to eat. So I blend them a smoothie or shake. Right now they are really into this little glass bottle that we are reusing. I think it came with 100% grape juice in it, but I can’t remember…. 

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Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa


Did you ever drink a Shaklee protein shake or Ovaltine? This hot cocoa reminds me of those, only it tastes better, in my opinion. :0) And, of course, mine is free of casein and whey (or any other kind of dairy), soy, refined sugar, or anything else I don’t want to eat or feed my… 

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frozen blended Nutcracker Sweet tea latte


This is my family’s favorite holiday drink. Here is the recipe as it appears in my first cookbook, and in my blog post from last holiday season. However, it’s not a perfect science. Sometimes I freeze the tea and pour the cashew milk over, rather than the other way around. Sometimes I measure the liquid… 

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