Decadent 60 Second Choco-Chia “Milkshake”


Sometimes I am really lazy. Or just too busy to do things the “right” way. Like today. My linoleum floors were lookin’ a little dirty, but I couldn’t bring myself to get the mop out and clean them. So I pulled a modified Pippi Longstocking. In case you’ve never read Pippi, or seen the movie,… 

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How to Make Kombucha


A couple years ago my friend and I were at the local Natural Grocers, and she bought a Kombucha. “What is that?” I asked. She explained that Kombucha is a probiotic drink, made from something like a mushroom. I’m a huge believer in probiotics, homemade yogurt, and cultured veggies, so I bought one too, and… 

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Dairy-Free Eggnog


I was inspired to make homemade dairy-free eggnog by Sunny at And Love it Too. (Make sure you check out her great tips for separating eggs!) You may prefer Sunny’s recipe, which has less coconut milk and more sweetness, but I thought I would share my version also. Dairy-free Eggnog dairy-free, refined-sugar free Puree in… 

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Rich and Creamy Rice Shakes dairy-free, vegan

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 5.43.09 PM

Rich and Creamy Rice Shakes Add to blender: 1 cup coconut milk (I always use canned) 4 pitted Medjool dates (soak first if they aren’t soft) 1/2 cup rice pudding* (if you substitute regular rice you would probably need only 1/4 cup) 6 ice cubes Puree till creamy and smooth. Note: If you aren’t using… 

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Coconut Water Review

Young coconuts growing in Kelly’s mom’s Florida backyard. by Andrew While on vacation I bought some coconut water in a Florida health food store. Oh, man was it good. This blog is the Spunky Coconut, so I thought we should definitely do a post reviewing all the different brands. Coconut water gained major popularity in… 

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Green C-Monster Smoothie

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 5.44.24 PM

In this video Ashley and I make her smoothie. She likes to have this smoothie as soon as she wakes up in the morning. My blender: Blendtec My: BPA-Free Freezer Trays With Lids My: Groovy Stainless Steel Straws ♥, Kelly