Strawberry Gluten Free Cake


I’m so excited to be sharing this recipe with you as part of Iris’s Birthday Cake Challenge! When I created my coconut buttercream dairy free frosting for those of you who can’t use the nut frostings in my second cookbook, I knew I had to make this strawberry gluten free cake next. Zoe and Ashley… 

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Chocolate Date Frosting


Once in a while it hits me… the craving for a slice of chocolate cake =) I’ve always been crazy for chocolate cake. And believe it or not, I think the cakes I make now (that I’m gluten-free) are even better than the ones I use to eat many years ago. As it usually goes… 

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Gluten Free Marble Cake


This cake is so decorative and so delicious. You might say it tastes as good as it looks I thought it would be perfect for a party or your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. It’s not an entirely new recipe. I just used my Vanilla Bean Cake recipe, and substituted 1/2 cup cocoa powder to make… 

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Pumpkin Spice Cake


I’m calling this Pumpkin Spice Cake, because it’s made with pumpkin pie spice, but it also reminds me a lot of carrot cake. The frosting came out especially nice, and I think it’s the frosting combined with the cake that seems similar to carrot cake. Still, I can’t bring myself to call it carrot cake… 

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Gluten Free Coffee Cake


I have to give credit for this idea to Andy, my husband. The other day I made my Vanilla Bean Cake, and he said, “You know what would be really good? If you made this into coffee cake.” I thought making a variation of it sounded great. One of the reasons I think everyone loves… 

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