Strawberry Gluten Free Cake


I’m so excited to be sharing this recipe with you as part of Iris’s Birthday Cake Challenge! When I created my coconut buttercream dairy free frosting for those of you who can’t use the nut frostings in my second cookbook, I knew I had to make this strawberry gluten free cake next. Zoe and Ashley… 

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Gluten Free Marble Cake


This cake is so decorative and so delicious. You might say it tastes as good as it looks I thought it would be perfect for a party or your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. It’s not an entirely new recipe. I just used my Vanilla Bean Cake recipe, and substituted 1/2 cup cocoa powder to make… 

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Pumpkin Spice Cake


I’m calling this Pumpkin Spice Cake, because it’s made with pumpkin pie spice, but it also reminds me a lot of carrot cake. The frosting came out especially nice, and I think it’s the frosting combined with the cake that seems similar to carrot cake. Still, I can’t bring myself to call it carrot cake… 

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Gluten Free Coffee Cake


I have to give credit for this idea to Andy, my husband. The other day I made my Vanilla Bean Cake, and he said, “You know what would be really good? If you made this into coffee cake.” I thought making a variation of it sounded great. One of the reasons I think everyone loves… 

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Birthday Cake

As promised, I took a couple pictures of Zoe and Ashley’s birthday cake. I’m really happy with the way it came out, and most importantly, the girls loved it! For more photos, stroll over to the spunky family journal. Cheers, Kelly The recipe I used: Vanilla Bean Cake with Chocolate Frosting PS I did make… 

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