Real Life Paleo


There is another new book that I just can’t keep to myself! Matt and Stacy’s Real Life Paleo, which is 35% off right now. I made their Mac-n-Cheese with acorn squash. I added some onion and garlic powder, and smoked paprika, because I can’t make anything without those spices right now. I used bacon grease… 

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Ice Pops for Kids


ROCKET POPS!!!! These are the kids’ new favorite. I’m beginning to think they will eat anything I freeze in them. These are Carrot Orange, and Green Lemonade. Since taking this photo last week I’ve made them two more times! They love them! Or are the ring pops their favorite?! It’s a toss-up And I have… 

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The Paleo Kitchen


There is something that I’ve been doing lately that has been blowing my mind. Hear it is. Ready? I’ve been making other peoples recipes. Well, okay, that’s not the part that’s been blowing my mind. What’s blowing my mind is how much faster and easier it is to follow a recipe, as opposed to creating… 

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The Paleo Foodie Cookbook


Today my friend Arsy’s new cookbook, The Paleo Foodie Cookbook is released! We had the pleasure of meeting Arsy and her sweet family when we stayed with them on our last book tour. It was so nice of them to have us and they couldn’t have been lovelier. And the food! Arsy made a few… 

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Indian “Couscous”


Remember last year when Ginger and I spontaneously flew to PaleoFX? While I was there I got to spend time with Josh of Slim Palate and his parents. They are AWESOME. I love them. All of Josh’s recipes are DELISH and his photos are GORGE. And what’s even more amazing is that Josh started his blog when… 

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Make Ahead Paleo, yes please


As we were packing for our move to Southern California my advance copy of Make Ahead Paleo arrived. The next day I woke up before everyone else and snuck downstairs. I took Make Ahead Paleo and slipped outside. I loved to spend some alone time out on the swing early in the morning.  But what happened… 

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Against All Grain


 Macadamia Waffles Hang on to your seats, ‘cuz this cookbook is going to rock your world! Against All Grain, by Danielle Walker is full of phenomenal mouth-watering photos with recipes that taste as good as they look. I got to see a sneak peak of Danielle’s book photos when we met at Pekoe with Elana earlier this… 

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