Cappello’s Giveaway in May


I have a delicious giveaway for you today! We’ve been loving Cappello’s grain-free pasta since they first started in Colorado. It is THE BEST.  For 10% off your order this week use my coupon code spunkycoco in the checkout on their website (expires Thursday 5/21 at 10:59 Pacific Time). This prize package includes 1 signed copy… 

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Savory Caprese Dairy-Free Cheesecake


This savory caprese cheesecake is like eating summer on a fork. It’s easy to make (I promise!) with cashew cheese and a walnut crust–no baking required. Basil, heirloom and grape tomatoes, and balsamic will have your taste buds singing while your friends never even suspect that it’s dairy-free. The trick to this recipe is planning… 

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Gluten-Free in Disneyland


Plan your trip around the less crowded times of the week, if possible. We use this Crowd Calendar. Plan your day at the park by using an app which tells you the wait times for each ride you want to go on. We use the Mouse Wait iPhone app —it’s so awesome. Use the FastPass! Certain rides… 

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Lemon Breakfast Cake


I’m always looking for more ways to add gelatin to our diet. You’ve probably heard that it’s great for your hair and nails, but it’s also a good source of protein, it supports joint health, and it’s very healing for the gut (especially helpful for Ashley). In March I attended Natural Products Expo West, and… 

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talking about chocolate


On Sunday afternoon I had the privilege of talking with some amazing women about CHOCOLATE. Many thanks to Babette from Bake Space, Nichelle from Cupcakes Take The Cake, and Melody Pepaj. ♥, Kelly Be sure to sign up to my new Spunky Newsletter for my FREE Paleo Pasta eBook, more recipes, and subscriber giveaways!

Chocolate slice with arrowroot biscuits


My Aussie and Kiwi friends! I am so excited to finally have made one of the recipes you asked for, Spunky Coconut style (Technically, I had already made another one, but that recipe will be in my new book, coming out this fall!) For my fellow Americans: this tastes just like an E. L. Fudge Cookie. Well, a WAY… 

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Spunky Coconut Shamrock Shake


Did you know that the Shamrock Shake has 54 ingredients?! Gross. And those dozens of ingredients aren’t too healthy (not that I have to tell you. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir). When I was a kid I used to get one of those shakes every year, but my daughters have never eaten anything at McDonald’s…. 

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My Trip to Natural Products Expo West


This past weekend was Natural Products Expo West, a huge conference featuring natural products and foods (and some products and foods I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole). I went on Friday. The expo was held in Anaheim, California, not too far from where I live. My friend Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit flew in… 

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