About Kelly V. Brozyna


My food demo and cookbook signing at Book Larder in Seattle, October 2013.


Hi! I’m Kellyand I began to study nutrition in 2004 when my oldest girls were very young. Ashley was a baby and Zoe was a toddler at that time. Both girls were not well. My naturopathic doctor worked with me to radically change their diet by removing gluten, casein, and refined sugar. My husband and I soon realized that their our own health problems could be resolved as well. (How cool is that?!)

After years of research and experimentation, I now create gluten-free and Paleo food so similar to conventional wheat/dairy/refined sugar recipes that no one feels deprived. Together, through diet and biomedical treatments, our family is overcoming celiac disease, endometriosis, gluten-intolerance, ADD, and autism with great success. I’ve been blogging at TheSpunkyCoconut.com since 2008, and published four cookbooks.

My recipes and photography have been featured on TheBalancedPlatter.com, Buzzfeed.com, The Huffington Post, ElanasPantry.com, NomNomPaleo.com, CivilizedCavemanCooking.com, PaleOMG.com, Driscoll’s.com, Redbook magazine, Living Without magazine, Paleo Magazine, and more. My books are recommended by GenerationRescue.org. After living in Boulder county for 6 years we left for an adventure here in southern California.

I believe in eating healthy real food. I know that chocolate and dessert can be as nutrient-dense as pot roast. Most of all I hope you enjoy these recipes that have changed my family’s life! ♥, Kelly