Salmon Cakes


Last week was hotter than it’s been, and I try not to use the oven as much when it’s really hot outside. So I made the kids healthy dairy-free ice cream for breakfast every day, with half the dates, and added protein powder. Actually the ice cream for breakfast theme has continued into this week – who knows when it will end :-)

Since Ashley has MTHFR (a genetic disorder that an estimated 60% of people have, which makes detoxifying difficult) we hardly ever eat seafood. Instead, Ashley takes krill oil, which is the best fish oil in my opinion. It isn’t high in mercury and other toxins found in seafood (especially tuna), and krill is the only fish oil I know of that contains the coveted fat, phospholipids. Phospholipids are much more bioavailable, and I see a huge difference in Ashley’s cognitive ability when she takes it.

So when I buy wild Alaskan salmon it’s a huge treat. And because I make it on the stovetop it doesn’t cause the AC to run like crazy like a hot oven would. These salmon cakes made my whole family swoon. They are seriously awesome.

Salmon Cakes

1 pound wild Alaskan salmon
1/4 cup cashew flour (almond flour would also work, but I think the cashew flour adds creaminess)
1/4 cup arrowroot flour
1 egg
1 tablespoon gluten-free Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon crushed chili (optional)
1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika
coconut oil for cooking

1. Remove the skin and finely chop the salmon.
2. Add the chopped salmon and the rest of the ingredients to a mixing bowl and combine.
3. Place a 12 inch skillet over almost medium heat. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil when the skillet is ready.
4. Drop the mixture in piles into the skillet. Flatten the piles into nice round cakes. (The size is up to you. I make about 6 cakes.)
5. Cook until nicely browned, then flip and repeat on the second side.
6. I like to eat it over salad tossed in my dairy-free caesar dressing.

Makes 6 cakes.

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♥, Kelly



  1. carrie says

    I wonder if canned salmon would work? That’s what I typically use for salmon cakes…. I’ll have to try your version. It looks great!

  2. Michele says

    This recipe sounds delicious! I normally wouldn’t make salmon cakes out of uncooked salmon though; it seems almost like grinding up a steak to make hamburgers. But sometimes we have a couple of filets left over so next time we do, I’ll make a nice patty from your recipe.

  3. Mary O'D says

    If you can’t do nuts but can stomach plantains they make an excellent potato “hold it all together” substitute. Just boil them up for about 20 minutes then mash with water. Great for tortillas too!

  4. FoodSnob says

    I would suggest potato flour for thickening. Bob’s Red Mill has it available on Amazon. It’s basically their potato flakes buzzed to a very fine consistency. You could make it yourself, but why bother? Just buy the potato flour and use it anywhere you would need a gluten-free flour substitute. I put it in a gravy, and it worked just like a wheat based flour!

  5. FoodSnob says

    In addition, I would skip the Arrowroot too, especially, if you didn’t have it in the house! Just add the potato flour, till you have the consistency that would allow you to shape the salmon cakes accordingly.

  6. Diane says

    Your recipes are awesome!!! And you are the best funnest mom!! I asked my boys what’s their favorite thing I make, they said desserts and treats….recipes that I get from you. I get on your blog late night after kids are in bed and the chores are finished, I crave everything….I make myself go to bed with a growling tummy before I raid the refrigerator. Thanks for your stories and tastey treats!

      • says

        These look so great! My daughter has autism and I’d love to get her taking krill oil or fish oil. My question is how do you get Ashley to take it? Are you blending it up in something? Is she awesome about taking pills? I’d love any tips you have to share ☺

        • says

          We squirt the fish/krill oil out of the capsules and on to a spoon. And we give her a piece of chocolate to eat after (to get rid of the fish taste)

  7. Carla England says

    These sound great! I’m of the same mind as Michele, though…I’d never grind up salmon to make salmon cakes. I’ll be trying this out with canned salmon.

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