Dairy-Free Ice Cream Giveaway 3: Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine


To celebrate the release of my Dairy-Free Ice Cream book (on shelves this Tuesday June 24th) I’m very excited to be giving away a new ice cream maker made by Cuisinart! This is the same machine that I use for all my ice cream recipes.

Giveaway package $90 combined value:

• One new Cuisinart Ice Cream maker in cherry red!
• One signed copy of my new Dairy-Free Ice Cream book

Two chances to win!

Enter by using the Rafflecopter form below. You must be a US resident (sorry international friends!). The winner will be announced in this blog post, and I will email him/her. You may also enter by visiting my Facebook page and leaving a comment on the appropriate post. Giveaway ends today June 23rd at 7:00 pm Pacific Time. One winner will be picked here on the blog, and a second winner will be chosen on Facebook. If I don’t hear from a winner within 24 hours, then I will pick a new winner.

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♥, Kelly

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Sandy Gillett says

    This is a fabulous giveaway Kelly! This past weekend was my birthday – so I made myself your brownies from “The Paleo Chocolate Lovers” cookbook page 68. I just used the brownie part and didn’t add the mint filling and ganache – every time I make them I start eating them before adding the cream and ganache and then it doesn’t get added. One of these times it will, the brownie is just so good! Also, I had your Dairy Free Vanilla Ice Cream from page 34 in your first DF ice cream book in the freezer, so today mid-morning I throughly enjoyed a post birthday treat of brownies and ice cream!! Thank You for making this possible with your amazing recipes and books!

  2. says

    Not entering because I just got an ice cream maker…but oh man, I am going to have to check out your book! I try to limit dairy, but summer just calls out for ice cream, so your book would be incredibly useful. Thanks for the reminder to look for it!

  3. Sarah says

    Hi, I tried to enter on your Facebook page as well but don’t see today’s giveaway posted yet…? Did I miss it? Congrats on yet another amazing-looking book!

  4. Fran says

    I sometimes stray and eat one of my husbands drumsticks just to get that ice cream experience.. I also pay the price afterwards. This would be awesome.. I’m sure he would stray from his ice cream if I won one of these!

  5. Joelle Quandt says

    I would love this and use this ice cream maker in a weekly basis. I have been dairy free for three years since my Dr told me the estrogen in the dairy probably caused my endometriosis. My husband and I are also paleo and love it.

  6. Amy St. George says

    I have dairy gluten and soy allergies. The paleo diet is becoming my friend. Your recipes are helping immensely.

  7. Wendy Smith says

    I would love to win the Ice Cream maker!!! I am really interested in the dairy free ice cream book! I hope that I win!

  8. says

    What a wonderful give away. Thanks so much for all you do. You are a true blessing. This would be awesome for us on these long hot homeschool days and would also turn into fun teaching. ;)
    Thanks again

  9. Patty Vazquez says

    this is super awesome giveaway :-) hubby would be thrilled if i can make him ice cream everyday thanks for the chance

  10. Pia Desselle says

    I’m going vegan and this would come in handy to start making my own homemade ice cream this summer.

  11. Cory says

    I am so excited to get your book ordered. I have Lupus and am looking for healthier ways to eat so I can stay alive!!! :)

  12. Tam says

    I would love to win this…I’ve recently discovered you, the Spunky Coconut, and feel soooooo inspired! Thank you for caring so much and sharing your posts! Your creativity & ingenuity is a blessing to all. I have to be gluten free, dairy free, egg free…and although the tests don’t say so, I’m also corn free because I’m not tolerating it! This way of life was so emotional in the beginning… But now I feel better than ever & inspired to live this life. And it’s a great pleasure when I can share with family & friends!

  13. Pam S says

    I would love to win this! Thanks so much for your work in putting together cookbooks that provide great recipes for those of us who have food intolerances/allergies.

  14. Kristen Laramore says

    Your recipes look incredibly-delicious. Cannot WAIT to get my copy of your book! Winning the ice cream maker would be quite the kick-start to making some yummy goodies for the summer.

  15. says

    This is SO sweet of you. I’m excited because before I cleaned up my eating ice cream was my go to and if I could bring that back in a way that supported my nutrition it would be a great day!!

  16. Heather Pearson says

    This is my dream come true! I have wanted the ice cream maker for a long time now. And a copy of your cookbook too! Wow! Makes my day to try :) Thank you so much Kelley.

  17. Hannah says

    These look like great recipes! I just stumbled across you on Facebook and can’t wait to look at more recipes and ideas. Thanks for everything!

  18. Stephanie Lass says

    I would love to try these recipes in the ice cream machine. I was just talking with friends about your book!

  19. Debbie Hulme says

    Yum I love ice cream!! Would love to make your coffee ice cream
    recipe !! Congrats on your new cookbook!

  20. Joanne Stehura says

    After reading the ingredients of conventional ice cream, i would love to try making my own dairy free ice cream.

  21. says

    I gave away my ice cream maker several years ago because I never used it. But now that you have released your book, I am craving some!

  22. Deb says

    Cheers to a healthy lifestyle! We love a little dessert at our house every night and this would be a perfect accommodation:) Best of luck to you on your release!

  23. Stephanie M says

    Oh my goodness, I have wanted one of these for so long! I love ice cream, and dairy (but the dairy doesn’t love me)! Would love to win this gorgeous thing!

  24. Caitlin says

    Ooooh great contest! I hope I win! I could really use the ice cream machine, but I will definitely be getting your book! Being vegan and soy-free my frozen dessert options are a little more limited. Can’t wait!

  25. Monica Williams says

    This would be so amazing! We pinpointed my husband had issues with dairy by doing an elimination diet, and then this year I tested allergic to dairy. I was shocked since I had no “real” physical onset systems..(however, now I notice I can breathe clearer through both nostrils). I have been wanting to try various ice cream recipes, but alas – no ice cream maker! This is on my wish list!

  26. Debbie Brunssen says

    I can’t wait for your book and to try and eat ice cream for me my son and granddaughter who can’t have dairy

  27. Melinda Fiscus says

    I’m so excited that your giveaway popped up on my mom’s facebook. My son has a dairy allergy and he so misses Ice Cream! We’ve only found one coconut milk brand that he can have. He’s just 5 so my heart breaks a little when all the other kids have ice cream and he has a popsicle! I can’t wait to get the book!!! I’m going now… wait I will see if I win first :-)

  28. Jael Redding says

    I would love to win this! Usually I’m not bothered by the fact that I can’t have ice cream, but as soon as summer hits. I’m reminded everywhere that I can’t enjoy a favorite summertime treat. I would make so much dairy free ice cream with this! What a wonderful giveaway! :)

  29. Cyndee Moy says

    What a wonderful way to start off the season….I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for ICE CREAM! Thanks so much Kelly!

  30. Jennifer says

    This would be a great addition to my kitchen. I have asked my husband for one since I started following you. The kids would love it for the summer.

  31. Deb says

    Just the right COLOR for my kitchen …. that is just in time for my daughter’s 15th birthday party – her friends will love making yummy desserts with it. Pick me please…. Love your site and your recipes. Keep them coming! Thanks!!!!!!!!

  32. Heather says

    Woohoo!!! I am so EXCITED about this giveaway and will be the BEST addition to our kitchen counter. It would be a great belated anniversary gift to both my husband and myself. 11 years on 6/7/14! We had one when we got married and got rid of it because we never used it. Now that I have to be careful with certain foods due to being diagnosed 2 years ago with Celiac Disease, this would be great to have. I loved making ice cream, but now I can make dairy free ice cream and still be able to have what I LOVE so much! I prefer ice cream over cake ANY DAY!!!! THANK YOU KELLY FOR AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

  33. Kathya Singh (Making Limonada$ says

    Hello Kelly! I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your pictures on Facebook. Your passion for dairy-free and grain-free cooking shows through in everything you do. Started following because my daughter loves dairy, but dairy does not love her. It would be great to make good-for-her ice cream!

  34. Christina Frost says

    I made your Swiss Almond ice cream yesterday in a “borrowed” ice cream maker. We loved it! I’ve been telling everyone about it today at work. I would love to have a maker of my own :)

  35. Alyssa says

    I am so excited to get this book- winning it and the ice cream maker would make me feel as if I had gone to heaven! Thank you!

  36. Mary O says

    Would love love love to win this. I adore ice cream but have “mostly” given up dairy for coconut milk and almond milk. This would be perfect for me and would be a perfect treat for my grand daughters when they visit (which is often).

    Thanks for such a wonderful offer!

  37. Amy Marlow says

    Kelly!!! Oh man!! I have wanted to win a signed copy of your book for months! I’m a huge fan and your Chocolate Lovers Cookbook is a staple in our house! I make brownies all the time! :) I would LOVE to win the Dairy Free Ice Cream book to make for the top or ice cream sandwiches with your cookies! Having an ice cream maker would just be AMAZING!! Congratulations on your newest success!! :-)

  38. Renee says

    You are amazing in what you do and the way you bring us hope in a better way of eating with all of our quirks! Thank you!
    And the giveaway is just the cherry on top!

  39. Jeanne says

    Would love to win both the cookbook and maker. But if I don’t, you can be sure that they will soon find their way into my house! The freebies from this site and others that you have linked to are fabulous!

  40. Liz says

    Nice!! Glad you did this – not a tweeter (after my time and haven’t caught up yet – but love me a good newsletter and blog!). Mom is dairy free and son on the paleato (or however that is spelled – sheesh) diet. You got me covered! Glad to “meet” you.

  41. Linda says

    OH! What a wonderful machine I so need this in my life. My family loves ice-cream and mommy (me) has lactose intolerance.

  42. Kathy says

    I would love to taste ice cream again! I hope that someday, I will get an ice cream maker and your great recipes to make and devour!

  43. says

    What a wonderful give-away! Thank you :-) I have found that dairy does not agree with me what-so-ever and tends to make me break-out :-( But I totally love ice cream and fro-yo! Would LOVE to be able to try your incredible looking recipes with one of these ice-cream makers! I do not have one so I am unable to try! Keeping my fingers crossed! And want to make sure you know how wonderful it is of you to be doing this give-away! Thank you!

  44. says

    Best summer giveaway ever!! My hubby and I were just talking this past weekend about getting one because we loved borrowing a friends recently to try dairy free once cream in it! We made mint Chico chip with mint leaves from our garden and then also made a creamy vanilla bean. I’m actually going to have a bowl now :)

  45. Shari Salazar says

    Best giveaway ever! Would love to win! I can’t wait to share the yummy recipes with my family!

  46. Katie N says

    Bought this Ice Cream maker last year with my tax refund and boy was it worth it! Probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. There’s nothing like almond milk ice cream made with some homemade almond milk. Worth all of the effort!

  47. Melani says

    I appreciate the great ideas and recipes that add to the health and wellness of my family while being delicious, too! Thank You!!

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