Paleo fx 2014

Remember last year when I was so wrapped up in my chocolate book-making bubble that I didn’t even know about Paleo fx, and jumped on a plane with Ginger 10 hours after finding out? That was so funny. Ginger and I had a blast. This year I was ready, but sadly Ginger, who is going to be 3 in a few months, had to stay home. She’s way too rambunctious now—I would have just been chasing after her the whole time :-)

boarding This time around I was so happy to be in a big plane, since you know I hate flying. Paleolithic people didn’t fly, am I right? (Sorry, that was a bad joke.) But taking a train or driving wasn’t an option, so what’s a girl to do? Surprisingly though, I didn’t have ANY motion sickness coming or going. Even when the plane was bouncing up and down for 20 minutes on the way home. I was very happy with myself, and I have decided that I’ll never get plane sick again. Done.




(Above, clockwise: my amazing sponsors Ben and StaceyBrittany, Jenni and Ben, Matt and Stacy, Sarah, and my incredible publisher Victory Belt.)

When I arrived on Thursday evening Brittany picked me up at the airport in a black VW beetle. First stylish rental car I’ve ever been in :-) And a black VW beetle was Andy’s first car after we were married! Brittany and I went to hang out with a bunch of our friends who had rented a house. They had food, Brittany had treats, and there was no shortage of food blogger conversation!

Friday we arrived at the conference late, and went straight to The Wholly Cow, a grass-fed burger place, with a few people. I was so hungry and glad for the “fit cross burger” which is sandwiched between 2 portobello caps. Back at The Palmer Center (which I think is so gorgeous by the way) it was a whirlwind of seeing friends and making new ones. After drooling over Michelle’s demo, Diane and I snuck into the kitchen to snag some of the Lazy Devils (hard boiled eggs topped with Sriracha, proscuitto, chives, and Fleur de sel). They were SO GOOD.

For dinner a bunch of us went to Salt and Time. I’m starting to realize that this post may sound like all we did was eat all the time… oh well :) Brittany hilariously ate off of Stacy’s plate, and I got the BEST sausage. So good. Afterwards we headed to El Almo (such a cool place) for margaritas. Jenni and Ben and I were cracking up that our choice of conversation (placenta medicine) may not be so appealing to others who were eating around us. I’m just kidding, no one minded, but we were laughing a lot. I think the last time I had drinks with other adults was… last year, same time, different place!


Above clockwise: my friend Josh, margaritas at El Almo, my book signing on Saturday!, and the gorgeous Palmer Center.

On Saturday I got to meet Megan of Jackson’s Honest Chips. She is a delight! And PLEASE – ask you local Whole Foods and/or health food store to carry these chips, fried in coconut oil!!!! Love, love, love! Then I had my chocolate book signing, and got to meet some of you! Sandy, a very long-time reader of mine, drove over 5 hours to meet me. She said how much she admired my “motherhood” and how hard I’ve worked to heal my family, and especially Ashley, and I cried! It was so touching and emotional ♥

After my book signing Hayley and I bonded over more home birth conversation, and personal stories. LOVE that girl. (You can read about my home birth HERE.) Then Brittany and I went to 24 Diner with Suzanne and Sean, and had Ah-Mazing corned beef hash. I asked for hot sauce, but it was so full of flavor that I couldn’t bring myself to use it. I would have to eat there every week if we lived in Austin.

One of the biggest highlights of my trip was getting to hear the talk by Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf on Saturday afternoon. The room was packed (shock) and HOT, but you could hear a pin drop. What struck me most about them though, was how down-to-earth they were. You could feel everyone’s nerves melting away as they talked and made us laugh. The second question that was asked of them was how they felt about the recent introduction of rice and beans in the Paleo movement. I was really moved by Robb, as he said that his thoughts have evolved to be inclusive of rice and beans (if they are properly soaked and tolerated by the individual). Mark responded that Paleo shouldn’t be dogma, but a template. They were both so graceful.

Saturday night I had dinner with my friends Tammy and Cain, and some friends of theirs. I basically got the biggest salad with chicken that they had—I was craving one. Tammy was picking my brain about Ashley’s MTHFR mutation, which led to a conversation about her vaccine injury. They were super nice about it. I told them that I wish more than you know that I could say it was some other pharmaceutical drug that had caused Ashley’s seizures and brain damage (she is almost 10 and wearing diapers), but it wasn’t. And I never want to make any parent feel badly about the choices they’ve made; I’ve made them too. All medications have potential harmful side effects, even vaccines unfortunately (see DTaP side effects on the CDC website).

When they dropped me off at my hotel it hit me that it was over. I was flying out Sunday morning, and I hadn’t said goodbye to most of my friends. I was kinda sad to be leaving, but then as I packed I found this hidden letter, typed by Zoe, and all I could think about was getting home :-)


♥, Kelly



  1. Sandy says

    I will always remember meeting you Kelly. You have kept me going on the path to heal my body with food for over five years now and I am seeing incredible results. You inspire and bless me daily.
    Blessings and Hugs.

  2. Jennifer says

    I have a lovely daughter who also slips little notes into my bag – it is so heartwarming! I love that your was typed on a typewriter – I think I remember you all gave her one for her birthday. Mostly I just wanted to write and tell you how GREAT your hair looks!

  3. Miss Jem says

    Thank you for sharing about your trip, Kelly! What a fun and yummy getaway for you!

    And thanks for the reminder that healing comes with perseverance. I was feeling discouraged because I’m stuck on the GAPS intro diet right now. But I know God is faithful to provide encouragement and healing, just not on my time table.


    • bob says

      Thank you for this, Jeanmarie. I really needed to be reminded that healing happens on God’s timing, not mine. I too am getting discouraged and frustrated at being on a restrictive healing diet (the anti-candida diet for me).
      Psalm 27:14 encourages me.

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