Best Ever Paleo Pancakes

Spunky Coconut Best Ever Paleo Pancakes

Yesterday on Facebook I shared this Instagram photo (below) of a variation of my pancake recipe. A bunch of you made these paleo pancakes and loved them (Yay!!!), and were asking for a Pin It option. So I’m posting the recipe here on the blog so you can Pin It and find it again :-) We think they’re the best too!

Spunky Coconut Best Ever Paleo Pancakes

As I was saying yesterday, Andy is always laughing that I can never leave a recipe alone. I’m always tweaking and tweaking again, and he hardly ever eats the exact same thing twice! But he’s really glad though, because it leads to better and better recipes, like these paleo pancakes (or sometimes a total flop, but that’s the nature of the game). Zoe said these pancakes were the best ever too, and as usual Ashley wouldn’t even touch them! What can you do? Well, what I do is I give Ashley what she wants: some leftover chicken and veggies, or frozen yogurt. Then everybody’s happy :-)

Best Ever Paleo Pancakes

gluten-free, dairy-free

Puree in a blender:
1 cup almond milk
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar (optional, but helps for rising)
5 large eggs
1/4 cup packed almond flour (any brand)
1/2 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup arrowroot or tapioca flour (see note that follows*)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons honey
3/4 teaspoon baking soda

*Flax or chia meal won’t work in place of the arrowroot/tapioca here (I’ve tried). You can use another 1/4 cup of coconut flour in place of the arrowroot/tapioca, but just know that the recipe will not be the same.

To make:

  1. Add some coconut oil to a skillet pre-heated over low to medium heat.
  2. Drop some of batter into the pan. Swirl the batter out with the back of the spoon to make the pancake larger. (I usually make four pancakes at a time in my largest skillet.)
  3. Cook each side until pancake is cooked through.

Serves 5

Pictured here with warmed thinned raspberry spread.

♥, Kelly

P.S. In the fall try my Gluten-free Pumpkin Pancake recipe. coupon


  1. Desiree says

    My last paleo pancake experience was a disaster! Looking forward to trying this one out. I have all the ingredients on hand. Yay!

    • SirHammerlock says

      Do try it! I have tried so many paleo-pancake recipes, and they all were a desaster, but this finally tastes like a “real” pancake, probably even better. THANK YOU SO MUCH, KELLY, THIS IS THE BEST!

    • Suzie says

      You will love them!! I have had at least 4 disastrous Paleo pancake failures. These were so good my kids even ate them.

    • Cosmopeach says

      I made these this morning. They were incredibly awesome! The bomb diggity. I am glad they tasted so good. We’ve been Paleo for two weeks now and giving up bread and pancakes have been hard. This was a hit. I cant wait to make the Paleo Chocolate Bundt Cake next.

    • Nicole says

      Amazing with a couple of tablespoons of cocoa thrown in – bubby devours them straight up that way!

    • kj says

      WOW. Amazing texture, great flavor! I just made half of that recipe, but instead of tapioca I used potato starch, it turned out delicate and delicious. Thank you so much.

    • says

      I made this the other night for my family and my grown daughter who was over visiting (she lives 5 houses from me) and they were a huge hit. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE, even the picky grandson who is not a gravy fan LOVED these. a few nights later my daughter cooked them for her husband and he is now in love with this recipe. Good thing too, cause I think if my daughter had it her way, they would eat them 4+ nights a week. haha. THanks TOP – 99999 Wonderful Quotes

    • Lindsey says

      I substituted 3/4 cup of Coconut Milk and 1/4 C water for the almond milk. I’ve never made it with the almond milk, so I can’t compare, but I don’t think we’ll ever make any other kind of pancakes again. These were PERFECT! Thanks so much.

    • Kimberly H says

      Per serving (2 pancakes): Calories = 322, Fat = 17.1, Carbs = 32.4, Fiber = 9.2, Sugars = 8.8, Protein = 11.6

  2. Danielle says

    This recipe is awesome!
    I really liked how they turned out. But I used butter to cook with. I’m not a whiz with coconut oil.


    • Joyce says

      Don’t need to be a whiz with coconut oil. For cooking just get the refined type of coconut oil, or expeller pressed. It is deodorized so the coconut flavor is not in it. I like Tropical Traditions Expeller Pressed Organic, but I’m sure others work as well.

      • Dana says

        I have had problems with coconut oil and protein sticking to the pan, and I use cast iron. I prefer to cook with long-chain fats like butter and ghee and tallow. Coconut oil doesn’t even always do right when used as an ingredient for baking. For instance, I’m more likely to have muffins stick to their liners. It’s a good oil, don’t get me wrong, but get ready to lower your temp and take longer to cook, is all I’m saying.

        • Shirley says

          That is fine if you are able to eat dairy. I use a very good non stick pan, so don’t need coconut oil to cook with. I find if I slightly melt the coconut oil before incorporating into the recipe it blends nicely and is all dairy free!!

        • says

          Dana, I have read that coconut oil has the effect of de-seasoning cast iron. Something to do with the chemical structure of the fat produces a different effect on cast iron than you get with other fats such as butter. Soooo, that may be a reason why you have trouble with sticking and coconut oil! Google seasoning cast iron if you want to find more info.

  3. Stephanie Yu says

    I made this recipe this morning. I followed the recipe as written but added chopped pecans, grated apple and cinnamon to the batter. I cooked it in my waffle maker(only because it’s more fun). This is a fabulous recipe. I will be using it over and over again. Just curious, is arrow powder low carb? I’m thinking not.

    • Joyce says

      I just read that arrowroot powder is 9 gr per tablespoon. In my opinion, use tapioca flour; less expensive and probably not as carb intensive. But if you google “arrowroot versus tapioca flours” you get many opinions. My thing is to follow my own instincts on things like this.

    • Claire says

      I love your response. I have a very fussy LO and I am hoping these will be a hit tomorrow morning !

      Thanks for posting.

  4. says

    These sound great! We are going to start including eggs in our diet more often, we are on a pretty strict elimination diet right now. Pinning these for later!

  5. Sarah says

    These were FANTASTIC!! Thank you for sharing yet another great recipe. I did not use apple cidar vinegar because I just ran out and also used coconut sugar in place of honey. I made half the batch into pancakes and then made the rest in my waffle iron. Turned out great both ways. So yummy!
    Thank you!!

  6. Margaux Burke says

    OMG, these were so good!!! I am not a pancake person but these were delicious that I’d been eating it everyday with grassed butter and organic maple syrup! I eat this to satisfy my sweet tooth craving 😉 ….. My husband is away and I can’t wait for him to taste these since he loves pancakes!

  7. Jonica says

    Oh Thank You from the bottom of my heart! Finally one that the 2 year old and the 51 year old loves. Both child and husband are picky. I added mini chocolate chips to the side that was not cooking and both loved it. I am making a few batches this weekend to freeze for the week!

    • Rhino Mum says

      Hi – just wondering if you have eaten your batch from the freezer yet? Did they freeze okay? I want to try doing that!


  8. Jamie says

    These came out really good. Tasted yummy and closest consistency to a regular pancake we have had so far! Thanks so much!

  9. Arlyn says

    OMG! These pancakes are THE BEST I have eaten! I’ve tried numerous paleo pancake recipes and they are just ok , but these are HANDS DOWN the BEST! Thank you so much! I have been following your blog for 5 years now and love your recipes that I have tried =) You are awesome!

  10. Making Limonada says

    Just had these for breakfast, made them into waffles. Very yummy! Followed the exact recipe and the amount made three big round waffles. Usually 1/2 of a waffle is the perfect portion for me. I will freeze the remaining waffles for busy mornings.

    The batter rose really well in my waffle maker, but they did not crisp up much no matter how long I left them. They were still yummy. Definitely a hint of coconut flavor so if you do not care for coconut, you may not like them. I love coconut and did not mind the taste at all. Next time however I will decrease coconut flour a bit and add more tapioca flour.

    First time making gluten-free grain-free waffles…I am pleased with the result! Thank you so much.

    • Laura says

      Most pancake recipes call for extra oil in the batter when making them into waffles. Might want to try that next time go help crisp them up.

  11. Joan Westaway says

    Grrrr! I cannot buy Arrowroot anywhere at the moment in Brisbane AU! Sold out, Order not come in! So am waiting! W.a.i.t.i.n.g

  12. Scott says

    They really are the best paleo pancakes ever! (well I haven’t tried them all but the few I have, have fallen short). These were really amazing!!! Pancake-a-licous!

  13. Marcia S. says

    These look so good! I want to try them. I can’t eat eggs. Can I sub flaxseeds mixed with hot water for the eggs?

  14. Barbara says

    WOW! Thank you so much! These truly are The Best pancakes! We topped them with raw mushed banana to “guild the lily”. Yummerlicious! Very filling (in a very satisfying way), too. I can see why these would serve 5. I made 15 pancakes and really three per person is more than adequate serving. Especially if you serve a happy green smoothie with it, too. :)

  15. Ben says

    I could never get these to taste right with coconut flour and almond milk, when I swapped out the coconut flour for potato starch and almond milk for raw milk they tasted perfect!

  16. Bernadette says

    Best grain free pancake recipe ever…the first time I didn’t have coconut flour so just used more of the almond and tapioca and it was a beautiful mix….prefer with out the coconut as it makes it so dense….these are the most gobbled up paleo pancakes In our house with four kids. Thank you!

  17. Stacy zukowski says

    These pancakes were wonderful! I added Fresh blueberries …yum! Both of my children loved them and they usually hate everything paleo that I make!

    • Dana says

      Arrowroot’s starch, so no. Tapioca isn’t low-carb either. You could in theory use that product Thicken/Thin Not/Starch as a replacement but I don’t know how Paleo it is, might want to look up the ingredients first.

      (Seriously guys, some of us have to skip the starch. You don’t wanna know what my blood sugar does on white rice.)

    • Dana says

      Or, never mind my outdated product recommendation. Apparently the manufacturer went out of business. And I guess it’s just as well since the LC starch substitutes seem to be meant primarily for thickening sauces, so I’m not sure it’s a good idea to try to substitute them one-to-one for starches in baking recipes.

      There are other pancake recipes that *are* LC but often they’re Primal, not Paleo. I know of one that’s based on cream cheese and eggs primarily with some coconut flour thrown in. It sounds weird but the texture’s out of this world.

  18. Shawna says

    I’ve tried many, many paleo pancake recipes and this is by far the best. They are very light! I actually made this batter into waffles and we loved them. Thanks!

  19. Liz says

    We made them… And they were GREAT. Although, I have nothing to compare them to as they were my FIRST paleo pancakes. No reason to try any other recipe. YUM!!! And we’ll make them into waffles next time around.
    Thanks so much for posting these on FB!!!

  20. Savannah says

    Like all other gf pancakes I’ve made, the batter is too thick. It has the consistency of a cookie mix, therefore it doesn’t pour. I try to drop a dab in the pan and the dough doesn’t spread because it tries to stick to the spoon :(

  21. Heddy says

    I made the pancake no one knew they were gluten free ………… hubby said awesome
    but is there a option to print recipe?

  22. Donna Woelk says

    Made these today. These were the closest to restaurant pancakes I’ve had. Thank you for posting.

  23. Annie says

    My 4-year-old loved these and ate 6 of them! And then asked for some liver wurst LOL! Thanks for another great recipe.

  24. Liz says

    Just had yesterday’s leftover pancakes for breakfast and OMG… We LOVE these pancakes… They’re a KEEPER!!!

  25. Morgan says

    Just ate these and they’re awesome! The last recipe I tried just ended up tasting like burnt almond meal and my son (who eats anything that resembles a pancake) even said he didn’t like them! Today was a huge success! Thanks for this recipe

  26. says

    Just made these this morning and LOVE THEM! Even my brother liked them and he’s REALLY picky….he usually turns his nose up at that stuff. We put coconut nectar on them and it was like having the real thing. Thank you SO much!

  27. Barb says

    Made these this morning. I added a bit more almond milk to thin them out a bit. Put some thimble berry jam on them…and they were awesome!! Thanks for the great recipe!!!

  28. jenni says

    I have NEVER been able to make pancakes, never. These turned out beautifully and were tasty to boot. I feel like Martha!! I also love that they had the taste and texture of “real” crap pancakes. I will be making these forever. Thank you so, so much for sharing this recipe.

  29. Stephanie says

    Very nice recipe!! These were a hit with all four kids. I used a Vitamix to blend the ingredients since I was working with almond meal.

  30. Kim says

    Was weary as i have always added banana to give pancakes flavor. I did add a bit of salt and 1 tsp cinnamon. The most grain free yummy pancake I have ever tried.

  31. Diedre says

    These pancakes are the BEST ever paleo I have tried. They don’t fall apart and are worth all the eggs. I’m very stingy on my grass-fed fresh farm eggs! They are GOLD to me. Thank you for the wonderful recipe, getting ready to make them this morning for my family. :)

  32. says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I just made Paleo pancakes today, and they completely fell apart. I’m so excited to make these tomorrow. :)

  33. says

    Oh wow! These pancakes really are amazing!
    The first time I made the mixture, I thought it was a little runny so (bring tired and ill) I threw it away, doh!. I made it a second time a week later (using coconut milk, the carton kind), and again it was quite runny but I had my new pan so tested it out and I am so glad I did. Before I went Paleo I used to love pancakes and would eat them regular. I have been using another Paleo recipe for pancakes, which I do like (a lot) but this recipe is exactly what it says on the tin (the best EVER!). If I had to convince someone to try a Paleo recipe to show how good food tastes without ‘nasties’ this would be it. Top marks! :)

  34. Carolyn says

    We’ve been on paleo for the past 3 months but my poor hubby loves & misses pancakes so much, I’ve tried a few paleo recipes for pancakes I found online sadly they didn’t turn out very good :-(. Tomorrow I plan on making my sweetheart of 35 yrs a batch of your “griddle cakes” as he calls ’em. :-)

  35. Soozy says

    I tried this recipe this morning and love it! Instead of 5 eggs, I used 2 eggs + 3 tablespoon chia seed gel (homemade) and added one half teaspoon vanilla and a dash of cinnamon and a pinch of salt. I also let the batter rest for 10 minutes to give the apple cider vinegar and baking soda time to work their magic in the batter.

    The pancakes hold well, as with many of the coconut/almond flour recipes I come across, I had to mind the pan as they can turn from brown to burnt in a hurry! Turned out great.

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  36. Iswari says

    When you say blend, do you mean in a blender, or with a whisk? The batter was thin like a crepe batter, so I added a little more coconut flour to thicken it up a bit. Also, I found the pancakes were still a bit thinner than regular pancakes, and bottoms cooked quickly…they were a little difficult to flip without some batter spilling off. Any thoughts/advice?

    All of that said, these were, by far, the best grain-free pancakes we’ve ever tried! Our family loved them. :-)


  37. Colleen says

    I was wondering if you have ever mixed the dry ingredients in a big batch and stored them in the pantry? If so, do you have any specific measurements for that or do you just multiply the recipe? Thanks!! Looking forward to trying these.

  38. Tabitha says

    Gonna try these, but I had to comment…Your pic at the bottom of the postis stunning. So glad you are enjoying more success and making healthy look amazing.

  39. Lara Hajjar says

    Hi! these look so yummy :) I want to make them, but will only need to serve 2…but i’m unsure about the eggs.. would u recommend using 2 or 3 eggs for half the recipe? or maybe 2 plus some extra almond milk or egg whites? thanks so much !

  40. Jenny says

    I finally made these this morning! I didn’t have any almond milk on hand but I always have coconut milk… so I used 3/4 cup of coconut milk and 1/4 cup water… and I added blueberries. So delicious. Definitely the best pancake recipe I’ve tried so far. Thank you!

  41. Mollee says

    I made these for breakfast – dinner tonight and I’m not sure what went wrong but it was bad news. I used coconut flour entirely and added banana and cinnamon. What is the purpose of the almond flour? That was the only difference and they stuck to my non stick coconut oiled pan and never really cooked. Stayed mushy. Must’ve been the lack of almond flour but what a bummer. :(

  42. Melissa says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! We made breakfast for dinner tonight and tried your pancake recipe. My family loved them! I have had so many paleo pancake fails. This is the perfect pancake recipe for us.
    Thanks again

  43. Devyn says

    Could you use a GF flour mix is this recipe just as well? If so, how much…a cup and half, 2 cups?

  44. Keely says

    Hi! I found your recipe because of a Facebook Ad, I think (and now I’m following you on FB).

    So, I made it and it was terrible. Totally brittle, wouldn’t flip, gritty, etc. I think I know people who know you in person (I live in Westminster), and I know they LOVE your recipes, so I was totally surprised.

    I asked around for other paleo pancakes recipes, and one of them included a whizzing through the blender. All of a sudden it clicked. When you said blend, you meant IN THE BLENDER. I just thought it was your way of saying mix that stuff up together. I never ever would have expected to blend pancake batter in the blender, so “blend” didn’t even register as that.

    As a person brand new to this way of eating, I’m not familiar with many of the conventions, so I just bring my flour-filled cooking knowledge to the table :) I think that was the problem the person above who said it was too thick was having – not realizing they should put it all in the blender (because that’d be the exact opposite of what you’d want to do with regular pancake batter, you know? You’re usually told to be careful not to overmix it.)

    Anyway, I made them again, this time IN THE BLENDER! And HOLY WHAT! They were the HOLY GRAIL. They actually flipped and held together like regular pancakes, they were yummy, had a great texture, and were generally amazing. And by amazing, I mean, I was actually AMAZED. You have saved my big Sunday breakfasts that I was in mourning for.

    I’m only commenting to say that you may want to add those few little words – in the blender – for any of us newbies who would never see blend pancake batter and assume it meant that, being for so many years ingrained (!) in our regular pancake cooking habits :) It makes all the difference in the world!

  45. says

    Most of the time gluten free pancakes are so sticky and fall apart. Now I found the best paleo pancakes and added some rice flour to the mix! Thanks for sharing.

  46. Julia says

    SO amazing! Light, fluffy, tasty. Everything that all the other paleo pancake recipes aren’t! I’m hooked. These will definitely become a sunday morning regular!

  47. Kristin says

    I have been making these almost every Saturday morning since I saw this recipe. They are awesome! My kids can’t get enough and my husband says they taste just like “regular” pancakes (which is the seal of approval). Thanks so much, I love all your recipes!

  48. Denise says

    I’ve made these pancakes 3 times, exactly as written and they are absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing :)

  49. Pippa says


    Paleo pancakes take a lot of practice and I think you need to continue practicing. It might just be a uk/aus conversion. These were runny and had a really horrible after taste – think it was the tapiocca.

    Glad other people found these successful!

  50. Connie says

    Thanks so much for this recipe. I stopped eating grains 2 years ago, and have tried several grain-free pancake recipes that did not work out. I had pretty much given up on finding a good recipe, but these are the best pancakes I ever ate! I did use Trader Joe’s coconut cream in place of almond milk, because it was what I had on hand. Thanks again.

  51. Megan says

    I made these last night for dinner with some fresh strawberry compote…. So good! My husband loved these as well & wants me to make them again tomorrow lol. I did add a lil exta coconut flour just a teaspoon or so after my test pancake was a lil thin and it totally made it thick and fluffy. But the thin ones would be nice as crepes if I thinned them just out a tad. Thank you so so much for this wonderful recipe!

  52. Beth says

    These are pretty good for grain free pancakes – This coming from some one who is not GF/DF or Paleo. I used ground up walnuts instead of almond flour and cow milk instead of almond milk due to possible almond intolerance. I assume any liquid milk would work. I was out of honey so I used maple syrup.
    I used my griddle and they came out a nice dark brown. The batter made 8 pancakes (5 inches in size). I only ate 2 of them as I sometimes have issues with coconut and will save the rest for later in the week to share with a friend.

  53. Beth says

    Texture is excellent! Just like a regular pancake. The taste is just a little too “eggy” for me. Any thoughts to help this? Add vanilla? Fold in some mashed bananas? A little more honey? New to gluten free and trying some different options for family breakfast that we can enjoy together.

  54. Archie says

    These turned out really bad. :( I followed the directions exactly. Really bummed since I just wasted 5 expensive local eggs. Every time I try a paleo baking recipe it tastes bad…. maybe I’ve not been on it enough to forget what pancakes actually taste like. Will just make normal pancakes whenever I have a craving.

  55. JB says

    These pancakes were… AMAZING!!!! Straight-up, deliciously amazing. Light, fluffy pancakes with no weird aftertaste, no sticky heaviness, just happy pancakes. My only substitution was cashew flour for the almond flour, since I was out of almond flour. And I added a teaspoon of organic vanilla. I blitzed with my immersion blender, since I don’t have a regular one, which worked great. Thank you for this fantastic recipe!!!

  56. Lelia says

    Yum! I had 1/2 a cup of canned pumpkin to use up so I threw it in as well. These were great! I served them as crepes with strawberry preserves.

  57. Lynne says

    I just made these and they are really good. I’ve never enjoyed paleo baked goods – they always have a strange taste or texture – and they come with qualifiers like “almost good as.” But these are good – no qualifiers or caveats. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  58. Nic says

    Hi – so have you tried the recipe by substituting the tapioca/arrowroot flour with 1/4c coconut flour? If so, how did it turn out?

  59. Leslie says

    My 17 month old loves these! I would like to make them in the waffle maker too… How would I change to make waffles? Thanks!

  60. Julie says

    I just made these for my family, they were wonderful! I’d never know they
    weren’t traditional pancakes (no one else noticed either :-) ). I made the recipe as posted with the addition of 1/2 t. vanilla. I added chocolate chips to my daughter’s and pecans and bananas to the others, all were a hit! I used an emersion blender to mix, worked like a charm. Thank you for the delicious recipe, I’ll be back to look for more yummy things soon!

  61. Shawn says

    Thanks for the recipe!! After many failed attempts to find a Paleo pancake that my entire family would eat with out complaining I Googled “Paleo Pancake” and this came up. So I tried it and to my surprise my pickiest child went back for more and more!! Mine turned out very thin almost like a crepe which is what my family prefers. This is definitely the last time I will dread making pancakes! My family all agrees that this is the “Best Ever Paleo Pancake”. Thanks for sharing! I already pinned and printed to put up on the inside of my baking cabinet :)

  62. Jennifer says

    I have this recipe saved on my IPad and have been making these several times a week! Thank you!

  63. Tracey says

    Ohhh…..I’m sitting at my desk eating these delectable pancakes and this post comes up on FB!!!! I made these for the first time yesterday for breakfast. I made 11 pancakes out of the mix and they reheat beautifully. Even my diabetic husband declared them a new favorite and his blood sugar reading 1 1/2 hours afterwards was a lovely low 5.2/ I love your blog. Thank you for all your research and experimenting that makes so many lives easier/ :)

  64. Michele says

    I made these this morning, but didn’t have any almond flour on hand. I saw on one of your other pancake recipes that you listed almond flour or quinoa flakes, which I did have on hand. The texture was perfect, but my son thought they tasted a little eggy, so I think I might add a little vanilla or cinnamon next time.

  65. Jackie says

    These were lovely and low in FODMAPs (with a sub of maple syrup for honey) in addition to Paleo. I used Ener-G Egg Replacer and was a bit nervous since the more eggs a recipe calls for, the less successful it is as a substitute. I’m happy to report these pancakes were the best gluten free ones I’ve made. They didn’t get all crisp on the outside like many recipes I have tried do and they remained fluffy!

  66. Jessica P. says

    Ok, I’ve tried various paleo pancake recipes, but this one takes the trophy hands down!!! It seriously is the best ever paleo pancake recipe haha 😀 super easy to flip and they cook evenly! The taste is great as well :) my mom enjoyed them, and she’s kind of picky haha. I got about 12 medium pancakes.

  67. Karen says

    These were soo awesome!!! I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical since I was expecting to taste the egg, but they were hands-down the best paleo pancakes I’ve ever made, and didn’t taste egg at all!! I didn’t have almond milk on hand, so I used canned coconut milk instead and it was great – the coconut flavor may have masked the egg too!! My carb-loving boyfriend that I promise to one day turn paleo even loved this!! I topped with some homemade strawberry jam – will definitely be making these A LOT from now on :) thanks so much for the recipe !!

  68. Mirele (@miaragao) says

    best recipe ever!
    today I didn’t have milk, so I added water instead of the almond milk… and it ended up perfect!!

  69. Allie says

    These were okay. They got nice and fluffy but they had a weird, grainy texture and tasted a lot like the coconut flour. Keep experimenting.

  70. Kara says

    Just made these for breakkie, I only had 3 eggs so used 2 flax eggs, my kids devoured them!!!!!
    I will use only the flax eggs next time so then I can have them.
    Finally really truly yummy pancakes!! Thank you Kelly!!! X

  71. Tiffany says

    I just wanted to say that these pancakes were amazing! I’ve been toying with cooking with coconut flour and I never seem to get it to come out right. Thank you so much for posting this recipe, it’s a keeper!!

  72. Maddy says

    I tried two other paleo pancake recipes before this one and both tasted nothing like real pancakes. This, however, was delicious and tasted a lot like real pancakes. I followed the recipe (used tapioca flour) and made a full batch (yielded 14 pancakes) and froze them for weekday mornings. Thank you for this recipe!

  73. Myrthe says

    I’m really excited about making these for breakfast, but I ran out of almondmilk, do you think coconut milk is a good alternative?

  74. Cait says

    These are great! I have tried (and hated) several other recipes, but this one is just awesome. I used coconut milk instead of almond, and I threw in some fresh blueberries. Next time I’ll try to spread the batter out a little more because they became quite thick on the griddle.

  75. Kelly says

    We LOVE these pancakes, in fact we make them every Sunday. Is it possible to make them into waffles or did you come up with a paleo waffle recipe that is this good?

  76. Tiffany says

    I made these today and the batter was extremely thin so I had to add more almond flour to thicken it up. I thought they tasted too eggy. Did anyone else have this problem and were you able to find a solution?

  77. Maddy says

    I have made these thrice already, they are the closest to real pancakes that I have ever tasted. If only they didnt have the arrowroot/tapioca (which adds the extra carbs and no nutrition per se), they would be 100% guilt free! But even so, I still think they are pretty darned good to make over and over. This recipe makes around 12-14 pancakes for me and I freeze them. Then on weekday mornings, I just reheat in a 350 degree oven for 12 mins. Tastes delicious every time!

  78. Huong says

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I made this tonight for breakfast tomorrow morning and gave my husband a taste. He said it was the best pancake he’d ever had. He’s a very picky eater and doesn’t like anything low fat. I didn’t tell him it was paleo. The only modification I made using to use coconut milk instead of almond since I didn’t have any. It turned out even better!

  79. Amal Elrass says

    Hello, I tried this recipe this morning and it came out very dry. I couldn’t even mix it. It the amount of almond milk correct? or was I suppose to add water?

    Thank you

  80. Lainey says

    I’ve made them the recipe twice and they had a metallic taste both times. I did not have any substitutes and ensured all measurements were accurate. After researching the web, it turns out it’s the baking soda. Any recommendations on how to get rid of the taste with out compromising the yummy goodness everyone is commenting?

  81. Penny says

    We really enjoy these pancakes! Thank you!

    I just froze my first batch … I’m not sure how to reheat them. Anyone? I tried the 350 for 12 min that someone commented about with some that I needed to reheat after they sat on the counter for a bit, but they completely dried out and tasted awful.

  82. Vanessa says

    I tried these this weekend… they were awesome. I tried them once without the tapioca flour and they were good, but just not the same. I’ll definitely be making them again!

  83. dee says

    just tried these for lunch today… fantastic! i was worried they were going to be too eggy tasting but, nope. happy to say they taste great. quick to make in the blender and pour into the pan!
    great job!

  84. Felicia says

    These are great!! First paleo pancake that Ive said “Ok, I’d TOTALLY make these again”. Which I have. MANY times…. To those wondering about possible modifications: I made them with Silk Unsweetened Almond/Coconut Vanilla blend, halved the recipe (using 2 eggs), used 1 TBS of olive oil instead of coconut oi (don’t have any), added 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract, 1/4 tsp sea salt, and a few shakes of cinnamon. I have added fresh blueberries to the tops, once they are in the pan, which is always delish. I found they cook a little better if you pour the batter into the pan and then spread them out a little more to make them thinner so they cook through easier (otherwise they will run pretty fluffy and thick)
    Yum, Yum.

  85. Sarah says

    I never leave comments but felt compelled to add to your raves. This is my first Saturday on Paleo and I was having wheat cravings. This was the first recipe to come up on google and shockingly I had everything I needed for it, even tapioca flour that I don’t remember buying.

    The batter seemed really thick to me and it took a few pancakes to get the smoothing out with a spoon thing down, they also cook faster and brown faster than an ordinary pancake but once I figured it out I had 13 beautiful pancakes.

    The taste? Pretty sublime, a little coconut flour after-taste but the fluffy texture more than makes up for it. I look forward to adding bananas or pumpkin or berries next weekend.
    I froze the rest for weekday breakfasts, I think one with an egg and sausage would be quite satisfying.

    thank you so much, my first Paleo baked goods experiment has been a success.

  86. Tiffany Jennings says

    My kids love it when I make this for breakfast. My husband actually prefers these pancakes and he is not a huge gluten eater. This morning I added some chocolate chips to the batter and it was amazing! I use any leftovers as bread for almond butter and jelly sandwiches.

  87. Allie says

    These are seriously amazing! DO NOT PASS THEM UP – I have made a few different ‘healthier’ pancake options and so often they just fall apart when you try to flip them. These hold a perfect little pancake shape and are delicious with blueberries :)

  88. Alexis says

    I made this recipe for the second time today and I have to say, we are hooked! I am chicken-egg-free, so I used 3 duck eggs in place of the 5 chicken eggs in this recipe. The first time I made these, the batter was runnier, but even with thicker version this second time, they were just as delicious – no discernible taste difference. 5 stars. :)

  89. says

    An absolute win! I gambled and doubled the recipe, since I have 7 kids. My 13 year old daughter ate 10! And she is a breakfast snob… Thanks for all the hard work!

  90. Shari says

    Hey guys! TASTE IS AMAZING!! Also really easy to make and pour! Only thing is I can’t get them to rise. Is it something I did wrong? Or could it be that because I live below sea level? Help!

  91. says

    I’m eating these for dinner with a super yummy maple syrup. 30 minutes ago I was sooo blue that I was just having eggs and sausage for dinner. Then I saw that fancy syrup and destiny brought me to your glorious recipe. Thank you!!

  92. Stephanie says

    I made these pancakes this morning. My fiancé said these were better than wheat flour pancakes! I substituted a tablespoon of tapioca flour for cocoa powder and folded in one ripe banana chopped up into the mix. After they were done I spread on some almond butter and maple syrup. Pure bliss! Thank you for this flawless recipe :))

  93. Kristina says

    Guess what!!!! I made crepes!!!! I accidentally dropped in another egg, and then to counteract that I probably added 1/3 cup more arrowroot. They were super thin, but then I kept the heat on medium low for the first side and all the way on low for the second side. SO thin and wonderful.

  94. Kim says

    I have tried several pancake recipes, some pretty good and some not so good. All I can say about this recipe is WOW!!! These are OUTSTANDING! The best paleo pancakes I have ever made. They taste like regular pancakes! Thank you for this recipe!

  95. Mary says

    Hands down…best paleo pancake recipe I’ve tried! I love mixing these 3 flours for baking and it doesn’t disappoint with pancakes! The flavor and texture are right on! Thanks Kelly!

  96. Lee says

    I made these this morning for 7 people and doubled the recipe. I also made a banana purée on top with toasted walnuts and cinnamon with a touch of maple syrup and they were a huge hit. My niece is 7 and my nephew is 4 and kept on asking for more. Best gluten free pancakes I’ve tried yet. Thanks!

  97. Kay Lynne Diamond says

    I have tried multiple recipes for coconut pancakes since my family has started eating an ancestral diet. This one by far is the best. They are fluffy and very satisfying. My step-father, who doesn’t like anything “paleo” that I make, even ate them and enjoyed them! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  98. Busy Mama says

    Thank you for this recipe. I am on a very strict Candida diet, so I cannot eat these yet, but my 2 and 4 year olds HATED my Candida pancakes so I was on a mission to find them a delicious grainfree option. After several misses, this recipe was a huge hit! They both ate every single bite. The texture is different than a flour pancake obviously, but they didn’t notice. I added 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract and they smelled exactly like normal pancakes. One tip is to keep them small and keep the heat low. Cooking them on low heat for a longer time keeps them from browning too much. Keeping them small allows you to flip them easily without a mess.

    I put their organic maple syrup on them and they had no idea these were a different recipe than the grain ones they are used to. And actually, the the 2 year old never finished her wheat pancakes but devoured these. So happy! Thank you!

  99. Cindy says

    Curious if anyone has tried this with MCT coconut oil? Or has everyone used solid-at-room-temp-under-70-degrees coconut oil, melted down?

    • Mary says

      I just made this batter after learning about the recipe on a dated Ask The Low Carb Expert podcast with Jimmy Moore. I just used the coconut oil in the jar and it melted down just fine. I followed the recipe exactly and the pancakes turned out fantastic! This will relieve my craving for IHOP pancakes for sure! I wasn’t sure what “packed almond flour” meant but I presume it means you just tamp down the flour in the measuring cup. I added lots of butter on top and devoured two of these and will use the rest up in the next couple days for breakfast. Thanks for the recipe!

  100. Suna says


    I don’t have a few of the ingredients on hand. Can the tapioca flour be substituted for quinoa flour? Also, can I use almond meal instead of flour… Is this the same thing?

    Is the apple cider vinegar for acidity? Will lemon juice suffice?

    Thank you

    • says

      Yes, almond “flour” and almond “meal” are the same thing. Tapioca and arrowroot powder are interchangeable. Lemon juice might work.

  101. Sinead Lawson says

    You are my hero! I have tried so many Paleo pancake recipes and been disappointed and literally had to force feed myself (not the easiest job!) or throw them away. These, however, were AMAZING! They didn’t taste healthy at all. My husband ate them without a raised eyebrow or scrunched up face…and it was the most joyous Paleo breakfast I have had in a long time! Thank you

  102. says

    Thank you–the other paleo pancake recipes I tried fell apart in the pan. While a bit runnier than regular flour pancakes, these behaved well while frying if I shored them up a bit. These were light and tasty, not heavy like ones using only almond flour, but more substantial than conventional flour pancakes (= blood sugar crash in 2 hours). I used part almond milk and part coconut milk and added a little hazlenut extract, then put chopped hazlenuts and bananas on top for a celestial Sunday brunch. This will become my standard pancake recipe now that I’ve gone paleo.

  103. Erin says

    Made these with my 5 year old daughter. They are wonderful. We added a few diced strawberry pieces to each one as they cooked and we freeze the leftovers, to reheat on the stove top on mornings we are short on time. Thank you.

  104. Kylie says

    Just found this through pintrest – can’t believe I didn’t see this one! Anyway, I am crying pancake tears of happiness – finally, a grain free pancake, that not only looks like a pancake, but tastes better than what I remember wheat ones did! Thank you so much for your continued sharing of your efforts to those of us with no clue in kitchen, but still with the desire to nourish ourselves and our families, with the added bonus of great tasting food! xxx

  105. B says

    I have tried sooo many lo carb/paleo pancake recipes that were just awful. This recipe on the other hand, is perfection. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  106. DanaLu says

    I tried these this morning and the batter was very thin and runny. I followed the directions exactly. I am wondering how to thicken the batter more. Was it because I used Trader Joes almond milk? It’s not as thick as Silk. They were delicious. It just took me forever to make them because with the batter being so thin I had to make several small pancakes.

  107. says

    Hi Kelly, I always read through the comments that follows the recipe
    people were c/o batter being thin the last one on this page asked “was it because I used almond milk from Trader Joes”? and you replayed “it needs to be coconut milk from a can” no where in the pancake recipe does it state coconut milk is to be used. Now I am confused. Thank you. This pancake recipe looks delish can’t wait to try!

  108. Tara says

    These are wonderful! As far as Paleo goes, these are the closest to the real thing that we’ve tried. My daughter loved them. They cook up very pretty and are fluffy and delicious. I’m sure there are a number of variations that could be made, shredded apple, nuts, etc, to mix it up. Thank you!

  109. Toni says

    Thank you so much for this light, fluffy and delicious pancake recipe, it really is the best ever Paleo pancake! My kids devour them and even my fussy hubby loves them and will now make them himself. So glad I found your website :)

  110. Sheryl Tingley says

    Very good…I thought I would have to give up pancakes because all others I tried went to mush in my mouth… these have a pancake texture like they should. Thank you!

  111. Camille says

    i have to be grain free for a bit due to digestion issues – i made these this morning and they are fantastic. Turned out perfect. Not a single possible complaint. Even my very skeptical husband approved. Hits the spot for a tasty morning starch craving!

    One question – can you water them down with additional almond milk for crepes? Anyone try this?

  112. Claudine Rudeforth says

    The most fabulous pancake – they got the absolute tick of approval from my pancake loving girl who has finally accepted her pancakes will no longer be made of white flour and sugar! Thank you for this awesome recipe!

  113. Michelle says

    OH. MY. HOLY. GOODNESS!!!! I have been battling finding a paleo pancake to replace our “usual”. I was getting very discouraged and tired of seeing and hearing negative comments about my trial in errors. A million thank yous for working at getting this recipe just right! I really appreciate it!!! I topped it with a black berry compote I had leftover from a paleo cheesecake I had made and MMMMmmmm, I was in heaven. LOVE THIS RECIPE!!!

      • Michon says

        These were amazing!!!! I just started the Paleo lifestyle 2 weeks ago and wanted something that was not egg-tasting. I added some cinnamon in the mixture. I topped them with a few walnut pieces and banana slices – WAY better than any doughy carby regular pancake I have had. My non-Paleo family even tried them and ate most of my batch!!!! Thank you for coming up with creative and good food – keep up the good work.

  114. Kim Lepper says

    We made these today! I’ve learned my lesson when trying new recipes with my two young ones (6 and 20 mo) so I halved it, using only 2 eggs. My good eater (6yo) wasn’t impressed but my ever picky 20 mo old asked for more and more and more and more! We’re keeping it in the books! Thanks!

  115. MB says

    I’ve had these previously as pancakes (delicious) and tried them yesterday as waffles. So good! I have a health condition that makes it difficult to do much stirring, so it’s great for me that everything can be thrown together in the blender. My manfriend is not paleo and he loved them too. Thank you for this delicious recipe. :)

  116. Holly Ellerton says

    Great tasting pancakes. I think it helps to let the batter sit for 20 minutes to thicken up. I added fresh blueberries today! They were a huge hit.

  117. Bree says

    Thank you so much….. I have tried in the past to make paleo pancakes…always a flop have had to throw out so much stuff…then i found your page…..make the gluten free blueberry muffins yesterday….they are amazing…so this morning I put all the ingredients in my mixer….then made 1….then 2 and 3 and 4…still have some batter left…so tasty….easy and no more paying over $12 for a mix of paleo pancakes….wow thank you so much

  118. Will says

    I almost never comment on anything I run across online, but this pancake recipe is not only good or great, it is outstanding! I had all he ingredients on hand so I whipped up a batch of batter in about 10 minutes using my food processor instead of a blender. I let it sit for another 8 or 9 minutes as I cooked up some bacon and eggs. Then I cooked up 2 pancakes for Sweetie. She LOVED them! I told her they were paleo and she said “Keep this recipe handy!”

    Thank you!

  119. Kim says

    These are phenomenal! I had tried paleo pancakes at an all paleo restaurant in NYC recently and they were good, but not like regular pancakes. A decent substitution, but not what I had hoped for. I expected these to be SIMILAR but how can you make “real” pancakes without wheat flour? WOW these are the real deal! I was shocked to find that in my opinion, they were just like the pancakes I thought I’d have to give up forever. So today, I hosted my running group of about 15 people and made a batch of these (dollar size) for them to try. Just like me, they were all amazed that they are grain free. I (you) got major compliments for pulling this off. This is my new and only pancake recipe. I can’t imagine any reason why I’d ever try anything different. They are spot on. Thanks!

    Oh, and by the way, the first time I made them it was just my husband and I. I put the leftover batter in the fridge (sealed very well) and two days later, I used it again (added 1/2 tsp baking powder first).
    They were just as good as the first batch. SUPER SCORE!!

  120. Renata says

    These have been our favourite pancakes for months – thank you! Recently bought a waffle maker and after a few failed attempts at waffle recipes used this pancake recipe in the waffle maker and it makes the most delicious waffles!!!

  121. Clover says

    Finally a pancake recipe that works and tastes good. Especially with strawberry spread. Thank you. Your recipes are starting to become some of my favorites!

  122. Amanda says

    so glad I tried these today! They came out perfect! A bit more coconut flavor than I was hoping for, but like someone else said , the texture ( and some extra strawberries )made up for that. thanks so much!

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