The Paleo Foodie Cookbook


Today my friend Arsy’s new cookbook, The Paleo Foodie Cookbook is released! We had the pleasure of meeting Arsy and her sweet family when we stayed with them on our last book tour. It was so nice of them to have us and they couldn’t have been lovelier. :-) And the food! Arsy made a few delicious recipes for us, including this Chocolate Chicken Mole. I couldn’t get enough of it, and I dreamed of the day I would eat it again! And guess what? Arsy said I could share this recipe with you!


(click on the page above to see it larger)

paleofoodiesmallWhat I love about The Paleo Foodie is that it’s so approachable. The recipes are clean, nutrient-dense, and straight-forward. We also made the Roasted Bone Marrow with Arugula and Parsley Salad. It took very little time, was very affordable, and tasted amazing. Ashley and I were fighting over them :-)

Congratulations my friend! I love your new book!

♥, Kelly

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  1. Loretta says

    This recipe looks wonderful. I like the idea of the 70% chocolate vs. the jar stuff. I wonder though, if it would be easier to use boneless chicken to start, as not to “fish” around for the bones later, although buying “bone-in” chicken is so much cheaper! Looking forward to making this!

  2. Emily says

    I made this yesterday for a party along with some cilantro rice and a purple cabbage salad. It was so nice to have everything cooking or warming while we enjoyed our guests. At first, I wasn’t sure how mine would end up looking like your photo, but sure enough, it did! So yummy; I’m having leftovers right now for breakfast. :)

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