I’m a guest on The Paleo View podcast

PaleoViewPodcast_82This week I was delighted to join Stacy of Paleo Parents and Sarah of The Paleo Mom on their podcast The Paleo View!  They invited me on the show to talk about my experience with autistic spectrum disorder, and how I used diet and detoxing to change Ashley’s life :-)

Click to listen to my interview on The Paleo View. Have a great weekend! ♥, Kelly



  1. Tara says

    Hi Kelly,

    I just left you a comment yesterday on a post you wrote about your daughter. I am listening to the podcast now. You might already know about this, but has your doctor ever mentioned alpha-lipoic acid as a chelator? That is what we are using for our son. We started with DMSA at a very low dose, but switched to just the ALA. It has worked wonders, and it is an anti-oxidant. There is a nurse practitioner on the west coast who has knowledge of this protocol – Julie Anderson. Just thought I would mention it.


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