Vibrant Life, Red Rush Coconut Smoothie Recipe

My friend Leanne Vogel is just awesome. If you already follow her blog, then you know that she is the kind of person you want to be around. She is radiant. I was super excited when she shared her new cookbook with me!

I want to dive into so many of these recipes and stunning photos, but the Red Rush smoothie may be my favorite. It’s made with coconut water and coconut meat –> LOVE. I drank tons of coconut water after Ginger was born, and we get fresh young coconuts even more often now that we’re in California. Coconut water is SO good for you. It’s full of electrolytes, and it is perfectly designed to hydrate you. Plus it TASTES amazing!

Leanne generously allowed me to share this coconut smoothie recipe from her new book with you! See my How-To Open a Coconut tutorial if you’ve never opened a young coconut before.

Coconut Smoothie Recipe from Vibrant Life


In addition to supporting Leanne, and her brilliantness, when you buy her new eBook through my link it also helps support my business (The Spunky Coconut) since I get a percentage of the sale. So thank you as always for keeping me in business! Nourishing my family and sharing recipes with you is an amazing gift :-)

Get your delicious eBook Vibrant Life and let me know what you make first!

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♥, Kelly


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