Strawberry Frozen Dairy Free Yogurt

This dairy free yogurt recipe is ridiculously easy. The prep time to make the Yummy Dairy Free Yogurt Drink is probably 10 minutes, and the prep time to make the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt is even less. I make a big batch of Yummy Yogurt Drink so we can have frozen yogurt one day, and eat it by itself for a few more days. My husband can’t stand any yogurt or pudding, dairy-free or otherwise, but my kids and I adore it.

You only have a very small window of time to pipe the frozen yogurt like you see in the photo above, and of course it’s completely unnecessary :-) I just love to make pretty pictures that inspire you, and remind you that eating healthy can be even more delicious than the standard American diet (SAD). If you really want to make it look like this then you will need a large piping bag, not a ziplock, because the ice cream is too dense and will probably break the ziplock. Also, you need the biggest star tip you can find.

A small amount of unrefined sugar is needed to make the Yummy Yogurt Drink. This is what the friendly bacteria eat to grow big and strong :-) The frozen yogurt is sweetened only with strawberries. It’s not very sweet, but when you’re used to a low-sugar diet, it’s plenty sweet enough. My kids gobble it up.

Strawberry Frozen Dairy Free Yogurt

dairy-free, fruit sweetened

2 cups Yummy Dairy Free Yogurt Drink (From my book Dairy-Free Ice Cream .)
10 oz frozen strawberries
1/2 cup water

1. Add Yummy Dairy Free Yogurt Drink, frozen strawberries and water the blender and puree until smooth.
2. Pour into ice cream machine, per manufacturers instructions.
3. When the frozen yogurt won’t turn anymore add it to small bowls and serve.Makes 3 to 4 servings, depending on their size.

♥, Kelly