Our Scandinavian-inspired Christmas

Our Scandinavian-inspired Christmas begins with dinner tomorrow night, Christmas Eve. I’m not making very many things, but I’m making enough for leftovers on Christmas day. Of course we’re having Swedish Meatballs from my eBook substituting almond flour for bread crumbs. They’re so good I always ask myself, “Why don’t I make these the rest of the year??”

I’m going to roast broccoli and asparagus in pork fat (the most delicious way to roast broccoli and asparagus), and Zoe will make Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (also from my first cookbook).

It’s not much, but it will be delicious, and we like to keep life simple around here. We will pull the tree into the middle of the room, and sing and dance around it. Andy will read the girls The Tomten and Christmas in Noisy Village. I’ll heat some eggnog and soak in the love :-)

For dessert I’m turning to my Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook. It’s hard to choose a dessert from this book, but I’ve decided to make my Roulade (at the top) because it’s SO EASY (seriously, it is!) and it looks SO PRETTY. If you don’t have my new book yet, you can still get it today at your Barnes & Noble. Otherwise, my second favorite Roulade recipe is HERE, and pictured below. It’s also simple and easy on the eyes.

Wishing you peace and joy! 
Merry Christmas!
♥, Kelly


  1. Rose says

    I love that you post so many great Scandinavian recipes and traditions! How much almond flour do you substitute for the 6 slices of gluten free bread in your Swedish meatball recipe?
    My fingers are crossed that one of these years you will post a recipe for cardamom bread (the braided kind). :)

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