Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook & Recipe Kit, Giveaway #1

Congrats Andrea Luna-Reece! Please email me your address so I can mail you your gifts :-)

The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook is released IN 8 DAYS! Eeek! To celebrate I’m doing a few recipe kit giveaways this week! I got these ingredients for you myself, and they come in my cute screen printed tote (designed by the hubby). Plus of course I’ll sign a copy of the book to you and include it in there too. The book fits nicely inside the tote, I just photographed it sticking out so you could see it.

This recipe kit is for the Chocolate Truffles, found on page 186 of The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook. The kit contains cacao butter, coconut cream/butter, cacao powder, dark chocolate, and whole vanilla bean. Above is a photo of these truffles.

To enter this giveaway leave a comment here and/or click on “share” for this giveaway on Spunky Facebook. Doing both doubles your chances of winning. If you enter here only make sure to leave your first and last name so there’s no confusion. This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.

This giveaway ends on Tuesday, September 24th at 12 noon Pacific time. I’ll announce the winner at the top of this post and on Facebook shortly after. If I don’t hear from you within 24 hours I’ll pick a new winner.

Happy paleo chocolate eating!

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats Andrea Luna-Reece!

♥, Kelly
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  1. Anonymous says

    I would love to win! I am currently addicted to your paleo pumpkin bread recipe and can’t wait to try some chocolate recipes!!

    Becka Ricker

  2. says

    How exciting to have your new book releasing. SOunds wonderful, with delicious recipes I can eat. This recipe kit for the truffles sounds yummy. Hope I win.
    JeanMarie Breslin

  3. says

    We made the chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough frosting this weekend. They were moist and decadent–absolutely delicious. We’re looking forward to trying more recipes and sharing them with our friends!

  4. says

    I truely appreciate your careful, down-to-earth insight on healthy eating…even in desserts! Thank you for all your hard work that you pour into the blog!

  5. Erica Gilbert says

    So excited to see your latest book! I’ve been following you for years due to my daughter and I having celiac and wanting to be healthier!

  6. Mary says

    Don’t know if my last comment worked…but trying again.
    Would love this goody package…thanks for all your recipes.

  7. Kimberley Hensen says

    Thank you for all that you do! There are so many people out there who are greatful for all the great allergy-free recipes you post! We love your yogurt!

  8. says

    I just shared on facebook and am posting my comment!! Fingers crossed that I am the winner!! PS. I made your pumpkin spice creamer for coffee today and it was heavenly!! Thank you for the awesome recipes!

  9. Lisa O, Austin says

    I used to dislike being lactose intolerant but with your recipes, I can have chocolate again. Paleo Moms here in Austin introduced me to your recipes and we have many great bookstores that could host an event for you. Please come to Texas, it’s cooler in the Fall / Winter. :)

  10. Caroline Nystrom (Mrs. Tempered Sunshine) says

    Really looking forward to this cookbook! What a fun giveaway. I’m Mrs. Tempered Sunshine on facebook. I shared the facebook post.

  11. Fi Gal says

    I’ve been following your blog for years and enjoy not only your recipes, but seeing your lovely family. I’m glad you’re on the West Coast, because I’m hoping to come and see you at a book signing event.

  12. Leslie says

    I really love your site. I am trying to eat healthy and become a healthier person. Your site inspires me. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. The give a way is a great thing. Thanks! :)

  13. says

    Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook. I’m so excited to have another delicious Paleo cooking/baking reference in my home. Cheers!

  14. Anonymous says

    I would pass out – NO – do a HAPPY DANCE if I won this!! I have been lusting after this cookbook!! AHHHHHH (excitement!!!)!!!

  15. Anonymous says

    I’m just getting familiar with healthy cooking because my grandchildren are on gluten-free, dye-free and sugar-free foods. My daughter made the chocolate cupcakes and they were awesome! I can’t wait to try your recipes. I looked through the complimentary copy you sent her and the recipes look delicious. Can’t wait to try some on my own. Good luck!

  16. Teresa Brennan says

    I would love to win! It’s hard to find some of the paleo ingredients where I live so this would make it so much easier!!

  17. Anonymous says

    I am just learning about gluten-free, dye-free, and sugar-free foods because my grandchildren recently went to these foods. My daughter received a complimentary copy of your book and made the chocolate cupcakes. They were awesomely delicious! I looked through her book and can’t wait to try some on my own. Good luck!

  18. Jennifer Walley says

    Those look amazing and so does the treat bag! I’m excited for cooler temps because that means more cooking time and it would be great to start off with all new things to try. :-)

  19. says

    I am looking forward to seeing your book – I am a chocoholic! and grain free. Your give away goody bag would give me a great headstart at making new creations!

  20. Jennifer Walley says

    These look amazing and so does the treat bag! Would love to have some new recipes to try as the cooler temps move in. That means more time for cooking!

  21. says

    Chocolate is such wonderful food… So glad you are publishing a collection of wonderful ways to enjoy it! Best of luck with a successful launch! I know it will be great.. Looking forward to reading it soon.

  22. says

    Yum! I was just thinking to myself that Halloween is coming up and I didn’t want my little ones to miss out on some great chocolate goodies, my next cooking project was to research a good recipe and the ingredients! I think this is a time of year when everyone starts thinking of making sweets. I wish you all the luck in the world with this new cookbook release! Thanks for helping all us moms with family health issues to live a tasty life!

  23. says

    I would love to win your Paleo Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook. I have your Dairy-Free Ice Cream book and I’m so happy to have an ice cream I can eat:) Those truffles look delicious!

  24. Kim Dougherty says

    Ooooh, this is so exciting!!! And lucky me, I’m the first commenter! I cannot wait for your cookbook! Crossing my fingers…. 😀

  25. says

    The cover of your book looks devine. I can’t wait to dig into my copy! If I win, I know who I will give my copy to. Of course I would keep the autographed copy. I wish you continued success!

  26. Bev Klassen says

    I would be ecstatic to win a copy of your cookbook! i LOVE healthy baking…and i LOVE chocolate…and i LOVE your recipes!! :)

  27. says

    I’ve been following your blog since 2009 and love your recipes and your cookbooks! You are a total inspiration. I am blessed by your dear family as well. If I am anywhere near any of your book signings I will be there. I can’t wait to get my copy of your newest book! Congratulations! Thank you for all you do. Blessings

  28. says

    Awesome!! Pick me, pick me! I would love this!

    Jessica Z

    (i’m sorry i don’t have a facebook account, or i would definitely spread the word).

  29. Melissa V Palmer says

    So cool! Love your posts and recipes. Felt a kinship with you when you lived in Colorado. Here’s to hoping you come back…

  30. Chelsea S. says

    Oh my goodness!! So exciting! Can’t wait for the book to come out, I’m sure that it’s visually stunning and full of amazing treats. :)

  31. Karr'a Adams says

    How great is your blog! I just found you today and I love the sound of your recipes. I can’t wait to try one this weekend!

  32. says

    I absolutely love your ice cream recipes! I am looking forward to trying out your truffles and the other recipes in your new cookbook. Thank you for all your great recipes, Kelly!

  33. Anonymous says

    Truffles would be welcome just about right now. Been a very tough couple of weeks. Look forward to your cookbook to. Thanks

    Kathy Forbes

  34. Anonymous says

    Congratulations on yet another book! Chocolate – what a wonderful subject!! Who wouldn’t love to win a such an attractive bag of goodies? Elizabeth Richardson

  35. says

    I LOVE roast chicken…and I have one in the oven right now, but honestly, I don’t think it gets better than a Paleo Chocolate cook book. Now THAT is genius! It’s on my Amazon Wish List…. I’m wondering if I can make it to Eugene for the signing. Will have to see. Hope it is a smashing success!

  36. Rica says

    Oh I would love to add your new book to my already collection of your other three books! My favorite has to be the Key Lime cheesecake, from the Grain Free Desserts, but I like chocolate too! And welcome to the Bay Area!

  37. says

    Alissa, I left a comment on your Facebook page and shared about the release of your new cookbook, but I wanted to leave a note here too. Thank you for creating such good recipes for every meal, and especially desserts, that don’t use dairy, gluten, or sugar. It’s hard to find such cookbooks, especially ones that feature stevia, which is what I rely on. And chocolate . . . well, chocolate speaks for itself. Love it! So looking forward to the release of this new book! Blessings to you, Susan Gaddis

  38. Marilyn says

    What a wonderful giveaway! I want you to know your website has been a blessing to me since becoming quite sick and losing over 50lbs. (I am trying hard not to lose anymore!) I will have allergy testing Fri. but know already gluten, dairy and eggs are ravaging my system. Thank you!

  39. says

    Oh, for the love of chocolate!!!!!
    I love your recipes. Made the White Chocolate pie for company. Everyone scoffed it up. It was delicious! Going to bring the recipe, pan, and ingredients to Anguilla,when I visit my daughter for Christmas so we can enjoy this creation for the holiday!
    Thank you.

  40. Isabel Shaida says

    as a celiac with many other allergies, your blog has been such a help and relief. I cant wait to see your book.
    Chocolate is OH SO YUM

  41. says

    My hubby is a chocoholic and I want to make him delicious and healthy paleo chocolate treats. I am such a fan of your blog….I have all your books. Have learned so much from you.

  42. Jane Elspeth says

    Hi from Jane Elspeth (also on FB), congratulations on the lovely new cookbook!!! The truffles are gorgeous,luxurious. Hope to meet you at Book Larder in Seattle Oct 26, it’s a sweet homey bookshop with a kitchen area for demos…in Fremont across from Cafe’ll love it.

  43. Nichole D says

    Soo happy for you and your family ! Congrats on another great book !!! It was so fun meeting you .I know your just going to love Cali ,we sure did/do .

  44. says

    Would love, love to win your book book. For those of us with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, gluten-free isn’t enough. Need that dairy-free, rice-free, gluten-free combo in order to keep from getting sick and your recipes are SO yummy. :)

  45. says

    Would love, love to win your cookbook. For those of us with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, gluten-free isn’t enough. The paleo (rice and dairy free) option is the best bet and your recipes make delicious foods possible within those guidelines. Can’t wait to get a copy whether or not I win it!

  46. says

    Stephanie Lewis: Your Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook would come in handy. Today I made chocolate chip cookies, banana bread with chocolate, and pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. I’m in a pleasant rut — I hope it continues!

  47. Clara Pearson says

    Hi Kelly,
    I discovered your blog and your wonderful recipes a few weeks ago and they have honestly changed my life (in particular the lime pound cake)! I feel healthy and inspired,
    Thank you

  48. Lindy VanAmburg says

    Looking forward to the new recipes – your recipe skill applied to chocolate is going to be amazing! Please enter me for the contest!

  49. says

    I placed a hold on your new cookbook at the local library, even though it has not been released yet! Really looking forward to it, and would absolutely love to have everything in this giveaway!

  50. Anonymous says

    Your new cookbook looks so yummy! Congratulations on its upcoming release and on your recent move! I hope you come down to San Diego soon so I can meet you in person!

  51. says

    I just started eating Paleo and I really like it. Almost done with my Whole30 and I want to start incorporating healthier desserts and things back in. This cookbook would help me stay a chocoholic, while remaining Paleo at the same time. Love it! :-)

  52. Saskia says

    mmmm.Chocolate, one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity! And so grateful for people like you, Kelly, who can come up with yummy inventive recipes to share with those of us not “culinarily inclined”.

  53. says

    I would love to win this fun giveaway! I have all your books, except or this one! I also need a bag that says something about how much I love cacao since it’s practically my favorite food aside from coconut:) I shared on Facebook! Thanks again Kelly!!

  54. Maxine says

    As a homeschool Mom who is trying to teach a child with dyslexia…food is very important to us. I use your site daily for information, new ideas and just plain old encouragement!! Thanks!!

  55. Anonymous says

    What a beautiful gift! I’ve never cooked with those ingredients before but from my experience, your recipes are easy to follow!

    Thank you and congratulations on the new book : )

    Look forward to seeing you at Green Apple!

    Kristy O’Brien

  56. says

    I cannot wait for your book to come out!! It would be amazing to win this! I’ve been gluten free by force for the past 5 years and desserts have always been a bit limited. Especially healthier versions! I recently starting eating a paleo diet to help find more gluten free recipes as well as add to my families health.

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