Strawberry Rhubarb Gummies

We have had so much local rhubarb in our Door to Door Organics box lately. Which is good, because all of us love rhubarb. And lately we’ve been really into gelatin. Gelatin is healing to the gut, and high in protein and collagen. The amino acids in gelatin boost your metabolism and balance your hormones. But what does rhubarb have to do with gelatin? I’ll get to that in a sec :-)
You may remember the grape gelatin that I made (twice), and the tea gelatin that I mentioned making. Then I made a less sour variation of Diane’s sour gummies, by cutting the lemon and lime juice in half and substituting water. My kids went bonkers for them.

Last night (after talking to a BFF for like 2 hours, and then watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Andy) I was cruising around Pinterest when I saw these. And that’s when it clicked in my brain. The rhubarb. Never mind the fact that it was past 11 PM, I had to come downstairs and make strawberry rhubarb gummies. HAD to.

So I chopped the fresh rhubarb and simmered it with some frozen strawberries until it was soft. Then I added the dissolved gelatin mixture, and gave it a whirl in the Blendtec. I poured the puree into a rectangular dish, and put it in the fridge. No, back up, first I had to move around a bunch of stuff in the fridge, because there was no where to put the big rectangular dish. Then after some food Tetris I stored it away, and finally went to bed. Late.

This morning I cut it with cookie cutters, snapped this photo, and presented the strawberry rhubarb gummies to my kids. (Fortunately, they weren’t hungrily hovering over me as I took the pic, which sometimes happens. Sorry ’bout that little ladies!)

They all LOVED them. Which is good, because guess what’s coming again in the produce box this week…

Strawberry Rhubarb Gummies

10 oz frozen strawberries
10 oz fresh rhubarb (I think frozen would also work)
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup grass-fed gelatin
1/4 cup honey
pinch of sea salt
stevia to taste


  1. Add the strawberries and rhubarb to a medium sized pot and simmer until the rhubarb is tender (about 15 minutes).
  2. Add the water, lemon juice, and honey to a small bot and bring to a simmer.
  3. Gradually whisk the gelatin into the water, lemon juice and honey. Continue to simmer and whisk until the gelatin is dissolved.
  4. Add the strawberries and rhubarb to a blender with a vent. Pour the dissolved gelatin mixture in as well. (OR use a stick blender to puree all the liquids.)
  5. Add a pinch of sea salt and stevia to taste. (I used about 10 drops of stevia.)
  6. Line a large rectangular baking dish with parchment paper, pour in the puree, and refrigerate to set.
  7. Use cookie cutters or slice into squares.

Makes 11 gummy hearts plus scraps.

Here is another gelatin-like treat using agar: Pumpkin Chai Bars
♥, Kelly


  1. says

    These look so good! And I just got a new thing of grass fed gelatin :)
    I want to make these, but no rhubarb here… what else could I use? Have you tried making it with other fruits as well? Thanks!

  2. says

    Thanks Ana! I think all strawberry would rock. You could also experiment with other flavors. If I try another I’ll come back and tell ya :-)

  3. Donna says

    Would it be possible to omit the honey…and simply use stevia?…Perhaps the tartness of the rhubarb would limit this option?

  4. says

    I have the gelatin in my cart at Amazon waiting for another item to get free shipping! Thanks for the Comedians in Cars link.

  5. says

    Hello, thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I can’t lay my hands on grass fed gelatin easily in NZ but gave it a try with ordinary gelatin as I was too impatient to wait. The result is good! I’m curious though – getting it out of the tray (I used a glass one) is a little tricky to do neatly. Did you oil any surfaces first or have any handy hints on how to get it out neatly? tks :)

  6. says

    Paula, So glad you enjoyed it! I use the cookie cutters right in the glass pan, then I use a stainless spatula to scrape them out. Hope that helps! I think you could probably put parchment paper on the bottom too.

  7. MC Smith says

    I made these last week and they were indeed delicious. My almost-2 year-old devoured them up! But…I was using sheets of gelatin and had no idea what the ratio of sheets to tablespoons would be, so the concoction came out too soft. It was solid enough, but I wasn’t able to cut shapes out. So I put it in the dehydrator…what a mess! The chunks of gummie that I’d cut out had run all together and fruit leather was certainly on it’s way. I let it be and figured it would also have to taste good. It did! I’m about to make another batch but I’m gonna have to tweak the liquid amount because I still only have sheets of gelatin. As I have no strawberries left, I’m also going to substitute blueberries. Here’s hoping it works!

    Thanks for yet another delicious recipe!!

  8. Colleen says

    I made these last night and worked out great. I did but it on parchment paper and my girls were able to cut(with cookie cutters), peel and remove it themselves with not much trouble. I am just wondering how they are best stored. Thinking if I secretly make them for a trip or beach day. Do they freeze well?

  9. Tara says

    Kelly, Do you think these would turn out okay if I used all strawberry (no rhubarb) and leave out the lemon (maybe sub water instead since my toddler doesn’t seem to do so well with citrus)?

  10. says

    In Chinese medicine, rhubarb is used in the summertime, because it is the strongest vegetable that clears heat out of the body. Probably not the best thing for us in Colorado at this time of the year.

  11. Steph says

    I am completely new to using gelatin, other than the form that I get from bones and just use in my stews and soups. Could you please enlighten me: When the recipe calls for 1/3 cup gelatin, does that mean 1/3 cup powder? Or 1/3 cup water with some gelatin dissolved in it?

  12. Mary Bond says

    These are great! I couldn’t find rubarb fresh or frozen. So while I was getting the frozen strawberries I saw frozen cranberries! I figure the cranberries would add a good tart taste. I was right! Even the hubby approves. I can’t wait to make these again.

  13. Sarah says

    I came across these the other day and just whipped them up. YUM! My batch made heaps – or I cut them smaller than yours – I was wondering how long these will keep for in the refrigerator (as I’m assuming they wont freeze well)? Thanks for such an awesome recipe!

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