Gather, the Art of Paleo Entertaining, book review

Just over a week ago at PaleoFX I got to meet and spend time with Bill and Hayley. We talked about our upcoming books (see mine here) and how diet had changed Ashley’s life. A bunch of us went to see the bats, and ate some amazingly good food. Bill, who is an incredible photographer, took the sweetest photo of Ginger and I, plus some of her licking her plate clean at dinner.

Since Andy couldn’t come with me to Austin I tried to explain to him what it was like being around Bill and Hayley. I said I could feel the love between them, which spills over into a love of what they do (so well).

When I got home from Austin I was so excited to find an advance copy of their new book Gather, the Art of Paleo Entertaining. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful this book is, and how great the menu plans are for parties and special occasions.

It was difficult to choose a recipe to review. I was especially torn between the chapters A Night in Tuscany and Takeout Fake-out where General Tso’s Chicken had my mouth watering.

I decided to make their pizza sauce and crust today, while it was sunny and 70 degrees outside, and the windows were all open. (Tonight it will snow 4 inches and tomorrow it will be 30 degrees. This is “spring” in the Front Range :-)

The pizza sauce and crust were a smash hit with everyone. They were simple, quick to make, and full of big flavors. Pre-baking the crust made the whole house smell amazing. Then I added their sauce and our toppings, put it in for another quick bake, and it was done.

I used my pizza stone (put it in the oven while it came up to temp) and the crust had a nice crunch, while inside it stayed soft and so well seasoned. The sauce was equally delicious. We were all eating very happily.

♥, Kelly


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