Most Popular Recipes of 2012

My friend Lexie had this great idea to post All-Star Recipes of 2012 on her blog this month. I thought I would do the same here, and post some of my most popular recipes of 2012. As I was going through them I realized that the majority of my most popular recipes were baked goods and desserts. But there were others that were a hit too, like the chicken I made with Lexie’s seasoning, Rosemary and Garlic DumplingsKombucha, and Zucchini Pie with Cilantro, Cumin and Lime
I wish you all the best in 2013! Happy New Year! ♥, Kelly


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    Happy New Year!
    I love recipe round-up posts, I always find at least one post I had missed during my readership.

    This time it’s the Savory Caprese Cheesecake. I can’t wait for my garden tomatoes to all start ripening so I can give it a go :)

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    You missed one of my favorites! Your Ham Chowder has become a regular in my house. My daughter often makes it for her family meal. Thanks for sharing all your yummy recipes with us.

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