Thumbprint Cookies Demo & Talk




Thanks so much to everyone who came to my cooking demo and talk in Erie today! Last month (before we went to the wedding) my oven died, as you may remember if you follow me on Facebook. Then last week before we moved my blender carafe broke. I thought I was going to have to dehydrate something for the demo today! But we moved into our new place on Tuesday, and I now have an oven again, so I made my thumbprint cookies for the demo :-)

I had such a great time cooking and talking with you all! Thanks again to Steph for inviting me, and to all of you for coming!

♥, Kelly


  1. Rachel T. says

    Thank YOU, Kelly! I really enjoyed the time, talk and the yummy cookies. I’m happy you had copies of your cookbooks for sale with you. Now I can return the library copies that I’ve renewed 4 times! It was nice to see your family too.

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