The Spunky Coconut Podcast: Episode 12: Jenni Wiehoff-Hulet and Ben Hulet

In this podcast Kelly talks with Jenni Wiehoff-Hulet and Ben Hulet of After a long break since the last podcast, get ready to be on the edge of your seat for one of Kelly’s most profound conversations yet.

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Articles and websites mentioned in this podcast:


Great You tube video explaining the Th1/Th2 dominant issue

Article on Gluten Cross reactives and the test through Cyrex Labs

Jenni’s doctor, Dr. Brian Hickey’s, Weston A Price Conference Pod Cast. WAPF charges for the podcast, but it is great info!

Chris Kesser’s article, The Gluten Thyroid Connection. Talks about Entro Labs and the different testing available for gluten as well as touching lightly on the autoimmune/gluten connection (Th1/Th2)


  1. says

    I could write a novel in response to all of my thoughts about your conversation with Jenni and Ben.

    Just some “food for thought” on food issues-I think a lot of our intolerances have to do with metabolic rate-ie body temperature! My temps were in the 97s range, especially when I was eating more grain-free. Notably, icy hands and feet all the time.

    Colder bodies tend to harbor more issues, because viruses love to flourish there.

    Most doctors and naturopaths overlook this critical component to our health!

    Now that my temps have increased, I’m not having as many IGg food issues! At one point, two years ago, I tested high for EVERYTHING-gluten, dairy, soy, corn, egg, nightshades…

    Now, I’m only GF and feeling better than I ever had.

    My son with autism is also inching closer to recovery every day.

    Our autism journey led us to CEASE homeopathy: which has been critical in retraining our immune systems.

    I wanted to add those areas into this conversation. I know everyone’s diet and experiences are different, but those areas have been crucial for my family’s health.

    My best,

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