Nourishing Meals: Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes for the Whole Family cookbook review

Since Ali sent my review copy of her new book, Nourishing Meals, two days ago I have been spending every free moment reading it. From the moment it arrived I’ve wished that I could do nothing else but read it. This is a book that anyone would love, but if you have children or are planning on having children—this is a must-read book. My nose was glued to the page as I read about environmental toxicity, chronic inflammation, leaky gut, imbalanced flora, introducing solid foods, snacking and more.

And the recipes in this book are nothing short of spectacular, as I knew they would be. I’m less than half way through reading it, and I’ve already marked 10 recipes that I can’t wait to eat, all of which are grain-free. They include: Baby Green Smoothie (for Ginger, but really for all of us), Raw Breakfast Tacos, Zucchini Almond Pancakes, Coconut Flour Biscuits, Date Walnut Cinnamon Swirl Muffins, and Healing Ginger Miso Soup. (As you can tell I left off in the soup chapter : )

But I had to dive into a recipe before I could even finish the book—I was so excited. I had a bunch of very ripe bananas, so I made Coconut Banana Breakfast Cake. It couldn’t have been simpler, and it came out amazing. That’s it in the photo above.

Oh my goodness, I just flipped ahead and saw the Raw Burritos with Spicy Raw Mole Sauce. I really want to eat those right now.

Love this book. I want to give one to everyone I know. ♥, Kelly


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    I have their first book and it’s getting pretty worn out. Can’t wait to get my hands on the second one! Oh and when you mentioned date walnut cinnamon swirl muffins I almost fell out of my chair that sounds so divine!

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    Really sounds like a great book, the cake looks great. From the picture it looks a little heavy but I trust it was very moist. I will have to try the recipe to see how it works. My son really doesn’t like banana’s but if I make it in a like a cup cake or cake he will eat it. It is very odd. I want to see more recipes please do the coconut biscuits. I would love to make that recipe.

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    Hey Kelly!
    Just wondering if there were photos in the book. I know it doesn’t really matter, and all of their recipes are pretty tasty but sometimes I like to be able to see what my end product should look like. :)

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