Finding Comfort in Soup & Simplifying

It’s time for a little heart to heart conversation between me and you. I’ve hinted at it in recent posts, but I thought it would be best to really share what’s been going on. Times have been hard with autism lately. That big bad wolf has seriously reared it’s ugly head. The last time Ashley had tantrums this bad was four years ago. Four years ago. Only now the tantrums include throwing and breaking glass, whereas back then it was more like non-stop screaming.

We recently switched to Agape from after some of you suggested it (thank you!) and I do see an improvement, but we still have a ways to go. It’s going to take time, but I believe that Agape is one of those things that is going to help us get there. Another friend of mine suggested Bioplasma, and we added that too. Have you used it?

As my neighbors will tell you, lately I’ve been spending most of my days walking around outside with Ashley and Ginger. There are two things that calm Ashley and put an end to her fits—Riding in the car and walking around outside. So that’s what I’ve been doing. A lot.

The other thing that Ashley loves, as you may know, is therapeutic horseback riding. Ashley had the best ever classes these past two weeks. So thankful for how much she communicated and had a blast. My wish for Ashley is that she could always feel as good as she does when she is on a horse. Someday I hope to have a little house on an acre of land so that I can get Ashley a horse, and a greyhound dog, and some chickens.

Meanwhile, the best I can do for her (and for all of us) is simplify our life as much as possible. If you’ve ever seen this video (above) of the girls from a few years ago, then you know how tiny our house is. But it’s crazy how much we have filled it up! The closets and drawers have been brimming over. And lately I wonder, “What is all this stuff?” There are drawers and cabinets in the kitchen that I look at and I say to myself, “I don’t remember the last time I used anything in there.”

So whenever possible we have been collecting things that we don’t use and donating them. What is it about living with less that makes me feel so much lighter?

In relation to food: I’ve been making double batches of my pancake batter so I can put half in the fridge for the next day. I’ve been making lots of salads for lunch (with dressings from my light pink cookbook).

Also, I’m really into homemade chicken stock right now. I put the whole chicken in the pot, and use Ali’s recipe for making stock. When the breast is cooked and I’ve picked off all the meat I put the bones back in the water and keep going with the lid off, barely simmering, refilling the water frequently (Alton Brown says this brings out the most gelatin).

On day one we eat the chicken breast.  On day two I use the stock with my dumpling recipe, and just throw in whatever greens and veggies come in my box. I use the crock pot and cook it slowly, until the veggies are just tender. It’s enough stock for all of us to eat soup for a couple days.

And what could be more comforting to eat than soup? : ) ♥, Kelly


  1. Nancy B. says

    I’m sorry to read that Ashley’s going through a rough patch. I looked up Agape and saw that it contains 500 mg acetyl-L-carnitine and wanted to share my experience with it. I take it every day for fatigue related to Lupus and other AI issues. It’s very powerful and hugely helpful. But I can’t take more than 200 mg a day (I’m about about 115 lbs). If I take any more than that, it affects my feelings. My sister, when she took it, found that she had negative feelings about family members. And when I take too much, my negative feelings are towards myself. So, please be aware of this possibility in sweet Ashley. Here’s a wagonload of good thoughts for quick improvement for her!

  2. says

    Hey friend, I’m sorry about this rough patch, too. I don’t have much to add, but for our recent experience with too much B12. We upped shots from every 3 days to every other and he got QUITE agitated. He’s not one to throw tantrums but my oh my he threw two of the biggest he ever has. Like Nancy says, maybe something is just a bit high or low.

    Then I also listened to this video by Andrea Nakayama and my interest was piqued. Start at minute 2:15 and then again at 5:45 (she might be someon to talk with??)…


  3. Cathy says

    Sounds like things are challenging right now, but how lucky Ashley is to have a great mom like you. :) Have you heard of GAPS? Probably, but if not, it seems like there might be some possibilities for improvement there. From what I’ve read of GAPS, you are on the right track, with making chicken stock. Sending prayers your way and thank you for your honesty and openness.

  4. Heather F says

    Sorry to hear about your rough patch. I read your blog regularly and love your recipes.
    My son who is 8 has severe autism and it is school holidays in Australia so we are having a rough patch as well. My husband has been away for a week for work so I have been driving around lots as well as it helps calm him too. He also enjoys horse riding, but for some reason won’t let me take him, only his teachers, so I have never seen him do it, I have tried, but it causes such huge meltdowns that I would rather him do it, than me take him.
    My dream is to have a few acres as well so he can run around to his hearts content and I don’t have to worry about the neighbours and all the noise he makes.
    Love Heather

  5. says

    I am sorry Ashley has to go through so much. It’s tough for the entire family when a child is not feeling herself for any reason. I loved the little video…the singing was so funny. Thanks for sharing, it was sweet.

  6. nikki says

    I get so much encouragement from you through your blog. I wish I had words to encourage you. How about prayers and a cyber {{HUG}}?

  7. says

    Sorry to hear about Ashley. My son has Pervasive Developmental Disorder and we’re having problems with him too. I’m going to look into the supplements you started giving Ashley, maybe they could help us too. Hope things get better soon!

  8. says

    Hi Kelly,
    I’m so sorry to hear that something has changed and Ashley is having such a hard time. Our son was diagnosed with mod-severe ASD exactly one year ago. He was 20 mos. We’ve worked very hard with diet (we use your recipes daily), supplements and therapy. Now most people would not know he is on the spectrum. We found his tantrums first began to decrease when we introduced glutathione cream (to help him with detox) and then again when we started methyl B12 injections. Check out Dr. Nuebrander’s site and there is a great article on the Myths of Methyl B12. We have been tantrum free since about our 8th shot and that was many months ago. I hope you find a solution that helps Ashley (and the rest of the family) feel better.

  9. says

    I’m sorry to hear about Ashley’s flare-ups.

    I read the ingredients on the supplement and it contains citric acid. If it doesn’t specifically state “naturally derived citric acid” it’s synthesized from corn syrup/GMO corn.

    I have found that this is a huge problem for my nervous system with Gluten Ataxia. Once I eliminated from ALL sources, including supplements and prescriptions (which is really hard to do) many symptoms improved, including high blood pressure that was not well controlled by meds to begin with.

    The most dramatic change: NO MORE NIGHT TERRORS or PANIC ATTACKS! After suffering with PTSD for decades, I’m living symptom free. Which is HUGE considering our financial situation and downgraded insurance coverage that costs twice as much for half the coverage.

    I had to get ALL grass grains, legumes and derivatives out of my diet to achieve this but it’s worth it to turn off the ANA’s and all signs of auto-immune cellular destruction.

  10. Nancy says

    Bioplasma is terrific. I keep a big bottle on my nightstand so we at least get it twice a day. I have learned a lot from Joette Calabrese on how to use the individual cell salts. Her audio classes on homeopathy.

    As for B12 – making sure that its methylated is key.

    Thanks for your blog and website!

  11. says

    So sorry to hear of Ashley’s struggles. It’s so hard to see your child suffer. What a blessing for her to have a family devoted to her care. This soup looks sooooo delicious. Makes me crave it! Thank you for the great posts.


  12. says

    Im sorry to hear that Ashley is having a hard time. I follow your blog weekly and appreciate how much you give all of us reading! I love your recipes and the lifestyle that you live.
    From what you’ve written I haven’t heard anything mentioned about NMT (neuromodulation technique). If you go to or google “NMT autism study” you will find that this healing technique has amazing results. I’m NOT trying to sell it or sell anything, just wanted to pass information along that helped me overcome so many health problems.
    I started doing it for myself and daughter who had very very severe asthma, toxicity, food allergies, digestive disorders and it helped SO much when diet and supplements weren’t enough.
    It helped us so much that I started doing the training. If you or anyone else out there would like to try it but can’t pay please let me know. It can be done over the phone and is as effective as face to face.
    I would love to help others and need the practice (for free)!
    please email me if you would like,

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