Zucchini Noodles


It’s been pasta week at my house. Grain-free pasta that is : ) First we had kelp noodles a couple times, and then we moved on to this zucchini fettucini. While the kelp noodles are best with Asian sauces, the zucchini noodles work well with Italian.

To get them shaped like fettucini pasta I used THIS tool. (You may remember me mentioning it HERE.)

Rather than cook this zucchini fettucini I sprinkled it with salt and let it sit for an hour. Then I squeezed out the moisture with a dry kitchen towel and topped it with heated sauce. That’s it.
But to be honest I only won over half of the family with this slightly crunchy uncooked zucchini fettucini. Andy and Zoe asked me to cook their zucchini noodles to make them softer. Then they were happy too.
A note about these zucchini noodles: If you eat them uncooked (like Ashley and I) then two zucchini per person is a good portion size. However, if you prefer them softer and choose to cook them, then they will shrink down much further. I would suggest more like three zucchini per person if you cook them.
♥, Kelly


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    I ADORE zucchini noodles! I usually make them with pesto, but topped with red sauce sounds awesome. I think I’m going to need your little tool tho. Fettuccine sounds delicious!!

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      I’m going to use some of that massive basil I have on my porch and make it with pesto, too. I have some yellow squash I’ll try “noodling” with the zucchini.

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    How timely! My interest in a spiral slicer gizmo was recently renewed when I stumbled upon your Szechuan Noodles recipe. Thanks for telling us which one you have used and enjoyed. Seems like you could also heat the sauce and then add the spiralized, julienned or grated zucchini at the end and heat gently. Wouldn’t this work similarly to the salt and sit strategy? Though salt and sit would be better if raw is important. Thanks for sharing!!! Zucchini is so good with Italian flavors and with eggs/quiche/frittata….

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