Chard Wraps with Cashew Cheese


This past weekend at the gluten-free fair here in Denver I brought a variation of these wraps for lunch. My friend Elana loved them so much, she said I had to do a post about them.

Simply wash and dry the chard, then remove the stem. Spread a very thin layer of this cashew cheese on the chard, then top with any fillings you like (bacon is especially good). Roll up and enjoy : )

♥, Kelly

P.S. The crackers are a recipe by my friend Hallie. They’re awesome! That recipe is HERE.


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    Collard wraps are a favorite in our house. I blanch them quickly to get rid of that “rubber glove” texture and fill them with all kinds of good options. I love the idea of cashew cheese and chard though. I’ll definitely be trying that soon. My CSA is overflowing with greens. Beautiful photo, by the way.

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