Happy Birthday Zoe & Ashley


I can’t believe Zoe is turning ten, and Ashley is turning eight. Especially the ten. TEN. My baby is a decade old.

Zoe asked for a French theme. She wanted to use black, white and pink. We found mini sparkling cider bottles for each guest, and made the bunting (above) together. Little did they know it was going to be a surprise party.

I told them I thought I left my credit card at Crackpots, a paint-your-own-pottery studio here in Longmont. I said we should run in and check on our way to the farmers market.

I think the cake was even more beautiful sliced. Since Ashley isn’t much of a cake fan (she mostly ate the strawberries :-) I used Zoe’s favorite cake recipe (Divine Vegan Fudge Cake, from my second self-published cookbook) and my Coconut Buttercream. YUMMY. I think it would also work with my Paleo Chocolate Cake.


On the way home from the surprise party Zoe said, “My smile was so big that I thought it was going to pop!” Ha! I love that!

I am so proud of my little girls. They are smart, funny, and above all full of love.

I love you Zoe and Ashley! Happy birthday! ♥, Mommy


  1. says

    Kelly, your blog was one of the first allergen-free blogs I discovered and it is still my favorite! I was recently given the Sunshine Award and I get to pass it on to 10 other bloggers. I want to pass it on to you! I am sure you are very busy, and there is no pressure to tag more bloggers, it is just a fun way to connect with other bloggers. Read more about the Sunshine Award here: http://empoweredsustenance.blogspot.com/2012/07/sunshine-award.html#more

  2. Nikki says

    LOVE it! The cake is beautiful! My big girl will be 8 on Sunday and my baby girl is a bit older than Ginger at 17 months :o)

  3. amy wasserman says

    my daughter just turned 10 in the winter. GREAT age. we did mani/pedis with 2 other girls in her class with january birthdays. then treated all the girls in their class (and a few more) to bertuccis. not exactly gluten free but we bought a gluten free meal for the girl who couldn’t eat pizza. all had fun. and best of all – no clean up for parents!!

  4. Anonymous says

    What a lovely cake! I posted a comment a while ago asking about buying your books in Europe but I received no answer, you must have missed it. I would love to buy your creations but unfortunately Amazon only sells them in the US. Have a nice day!


  5. says

    So beautiful – we will do the same as we celebrating half a decade next week and fresh strawberries are still in season up north! Comment to Anonymous: I bought Kelly’s three books through Amazon.com and I live in Europe. It took about 45 days to get here, but I got them, no problem with customs or anything. Just order them from Amazon!
    I am your European fan number one! … No sorry, my kids come first (they praise my creations from your book!), hubby second and I get bronze in our family! :-)

  6. says

    So beautiful! Congrats to you and your daughters! I will do a similar cake next week as we celebrate half a decade with our first born and strawberries are still in season!
    Comment to Anonymous: you can order it from Amazon in the US although you live in Europe. I did that and it took ages to get here but I got them eventually. No fuzz with payment or customs.
    I am you European fan number one… no, correction, I think my kids and my husband take first, second and thrid place – they looooove your recipes!

  7. Anonymous says

    @Patiperra, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know about Amazon: I had absolutely no idea I could buy from the US branch without problems. Happy cooking!


  8. lina says

    Which book is your second book? are all your cookbooks different recipes or are there a lot of repeats in each book? I want to order some :) love love all your recipes

    • says

      Hi Lina, At the time this post was written, I was referring to my gluten-free baking book, but later this month the recipe will appear in my new Real Food Recipes eBook.

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