Sour Cherry Homemade Lara Bars

Last week I posted my Vanilla & Toasted Coconut Bars (with a mock-peanut and chocolate chip variation), which are my variation of a Lara Bar. After they were all scarfed down eaten I decided to try another flavor. I added some acai powder which gave the bars this great dark color, as well as dried sour cherries and dairy-free chocolate chips. They are so delish.

Lara Bars are mainly dates, and my recipe is not mainly dates, because I needed more protein, fiber, and good fat :-) Coconut cream, shredded (unsweetened) coconut, and nut butter make up the bulk of my homemade Lara Bar recipe. I hope you enjoy it too!

Sour cherry homemade lara bars

Sour Cherry Homemade Lara Bars

gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo

For the base:
1/2 cup melted coconut cream concentrate (also sold as coconut butter or coconut manna)
1/2 cup soft pitted medjool dates
1/4 cup almond butter OR sunbutter if nuts aren’t tolerated
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp acai powder OR cacao powder
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp sea salt
optional: 1/8  tsp vanilla stevia
1/2 cup dried sour cherries

To fold in:
1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
1/4 cup dairy-free dark chocolate chips (or chopped dark chocolate)

  1. Add all of the base ingredients except for the dried sour cherries to the food processor with the S blade and puree.
    Note: You may need a couple more tablespoons of water, depending on how dry your nut butter is. Add extra water slowly so your base doesn’t become thin. You want it to look like thick nut butter.
  2. Add the dried sour cherries to the base and pulse to roughly chop the cherries.
  3. Add the base to the bowl large mixing bowl.
  4. Fold in the chocolate chips and shredded coconut.
  5. Using a flexible spatula (or your hands), press the mixture into a square dish lined with unbleached parchment paper.
  6. Freeze for half an hour then cut into bars and store in the fridge.

Makes about 8 bars.

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♥, Kelly


  1. says

    These bars sound like a lot of fun to create. You could really make any flavor with small changes like Mint Chocolate Chip (with peppermint extract). With your first bars (from the other day) I was thinking… peppermint patties- dipped in chocolate! I will get back to you if I try it.

  2. says

    OK so I really wanted those coconut bars, but now I really really really want these! I need to make these asap. Coconut and chocolate are the BEST! Thanks for sharing these recipes Kelly.

  3. Grace says

    Hi, i left a comment on your last post, I was wondering if you could give me some ideas for a cake business, i might like to do one too. It would be so fun! I would just like to know how/where you are selling the cakes (for some ideas). Thanks!!

  4. says

    Thanks guys!

    Grace, Sorry, I meant to write you back! Colorado passed a cottage food law in April that says we can sell non-perishable baked goods made at home. There is a class we have to take and a test we have to pass. Then I think (but I’m not sure) that I have to get a sample tested to make sure it’s non-perishable. As far as how to advertise, I’m not sure how I will do that other than here on my blog. I’m still figuring it out :-) I know that the food I make at home can’t be sold out-of-state though.

  5. Grace says

    Thank you for your reply! I was just wondering, are you going to be selling your cakes to GF/DF people or not? I was just thinking, I don’t know about buying ingredients that might be expensive just for people that don’t need gluten/dairy free. Thanks!

  6. says

    Yum! I am so excited to try these, especially since they don’t contain eggs, and I think I can substitute sunflower seed butter for the almond butter pretty easily. Thanks for a great resource.

  7. says

    I know, I know. I really need to make the recipe w/o substitutions the first go round … but I did not have acai powder (so left it out) and out of necessity had to replace the almond butter with sunbutter … and they turned out lovely. Perfect flavor combo … I keep returning to the freezer for another bite. xoLexie

  8. says

    I am not sure I was supposed to COMPLETELY melt the coconut cream because the “batter” is separating. BUT I am excited to find out because it tasted amazing and my kids will adore the bars once they freeze.
    I am having a great time this weekend making several of your snacks. Carrot muffins are next!!! Can’t wait to have a pantry/fridge full of nourishing items to offer my daughters when they are hungry.

  9. says

    These look and sound very good!
    I will give them a go next week once my son is back at school and pop them in his lunch box :)
    Thanks for sharing Kelly :)

    Anita xx

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