Flower Cake (gluten-free, dairy-free)

Gluten-Free Flower cake
A few weeks ago I was at Michael’s and I saw this book, Birthday Cakes for Kids. It was so cute I fell in love with it. Zoe and I spent an hour on the swing studying every picture. Then I had a thought: Wouldn’t it be fun to have a GF/DF cake business?! I asked Zoe what she thought of the idea. She loved it.

A cottage food law was passed in Colorado this April, allowing us to sell baked goods made at home. I’m taking a class, and a test will follow, and soon I will be in business. The gluten-free / dairy-free cake business. So excited =)

In preparation for my upcoming business I’ve been making some cakes, inspired by the book I found. Zoe asked for this one first—the flower cake. It’s a rectangular cake with regular and mini cupcakes on top.

This cake and frosting are made with my strawberry cake and frosting recipes. My other flavors will include:

Divine Vegan Fudge Cake (from this book)
Vanilla Bean Cake (from this book)
Carrot Cake

They will all be made (like this one) with India Tree NATURAL food coloring.

I’ll post more cakes (like my retro car with flames cake) that I’m going to offer soon =)

I would also like to enter this cake in my friend, Iris’s birthday cake challenge. Head over there to see all the other fun cakes that are being submitted. Happy 30th Birthday Iris!

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    Oh my gosh that is so cute- I never thought of putting cupcakes on top of a cake. I just posted a bunny cake but I think I need to make a new cake and join the party- how fun!

  2. says

    This business will be THE bomb. I have Denver connections and will evangelize Spunky Coconut Cakes when you’re ready to go. LOVE IT!!! xoLexie

  3. Anonymous says

    What a great idea! You know I think you are a genuis in the GF/DF world. Now everyone else will get to see it. I hope your new adventure is hugely successful – you deserve it!

    Jenny L.

  4. says

    I don’t suppose you’ll be shipping birthday cakes up to canada? Would love to support your new business idea but I live near Vancouver. However, my husband’s family lives in the springs so maybe next time we visit you’re cake business will be running!

  5. Sarah says

    Kelly you just don’t stop!! The cake looks amazing, as I’m sure all your future offerings will, as well. I have a feeling you could tackle anything that came into your head! Ever think of running for congress?… :). Wishing you the best of luck on your upcoming venture. Now to order your new ice cream book…

  6. Sarah says

    P.S. – Once your business takes off and is wildly successful (as it obviously will be), have you ever thought about perhaps making your products kosher as well…? :) Just a hopeful idea for all your kosher followers…!!

  7. says

    Kelly, this cake is so beautiful. I heard about the cottage law a couple of weeks ago, and thought of you for some reason. I must be psychic! Can’t wait to hear more about this in the future. :)

  8. says

    That’s so creative!! I have to try this next time I have to make a birthday cake. I’m horrible at decorating, so I think the cupcake addition would distract from my lack of calligraphy skills :)

  9. says

    Congratulations Kelly! This seems like such a natural move and progression for you. You’re so talented and creative. I have no doubt this will be a wild success. Good luck to you.

    Be Well,

    P.S. that cake is absolutely stunning. STUNNING!!

  10. Lauri says

    I am thrilled to hear that Colorado is finally willing to help those of us who wish to work and create what we are passionate about out of our homes! I too live in Colorado. Do you mind me asking what part of CO you live in? I am in Pueblo and would so love to begin to build a small base of customers who desire custom decorated cakes and who might need special order cakes such as gluten free or dairy free. I had a great customer base in SC before we moved almost a year ago but didn’t have any idea how to bake a gluten free, dairy free, grain free cake. Your site has been a great help to me in learning how to bake and cook in a much healthier manner. Wish I could afford to order your cookbook! :-)

      • Lauri says

        Kelly, I sure have enjoyed your recipes and can’t wait to try out this flower cake. It is awesomeness in a photo!!

    • Kit says

      HI Lauri,

      I too am in Pueblo (West) and have thought the idea of decorating cakes as well as offering GF/DF cakes would be a fun adventure. I would love to chat about it if you’d like. You can contact me at wedeking922@yahoo.com. Have a great day!

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