Decadent 60 Second Choco-Chia “Milkshake”


Sometimes I am really lazy. Or just too busy to do things the “right” way. Like today. My linoleum floors were lookin’ a little dirty, but I couldn’t bring myself to get the mop out and clean them. So I pulled a modified Pippi Longstocking. In case you’ve never read Pippi, or seen the movie, here is a quick video to give you an idea. (Apparently there are lots of us Pippi-wannabes out there 😉

No, I didn’t use brushes like Pippi and this guy—I’m not that adventurous—I used washcloths. Works so well I don’t think I’ll be using my mop again for a very long time. (Sorry Mr. Moppy). And speaking of Pippi, I have to digress for a second here and tell you that if you’ve never read The Children of Noisy Village or Happy Times in Noisy Village with your kids (by the same author as Pippi Longstocking) you’re seriously missing out. Dare I say, they’re even better.

But back to what I was saying. What was I saying? Oh yes, shortcuts.

Taking another shortcut, I like to whip up these decadent 60 second ChocoChia “milkshakes” for the girls and I when I’m out of ice cream. We can’t tell the difference, but we do eat a little unusually, as you already know 😉

The chia is what makes the shake thick, so don’t leave it out. And anyway, chia is uber good for you. See why HERE on my girl, Lexie’s rockin’ site.

I also make these extra healthy by using raw cacao powder. Raw cacao has tons of magnesium, and most people are deficient in magnesium, so I always use it when there’s no heat involved. But I’m sure cocoa powder will work too.

Decadent 60 Second Choco-Chia “Milkshake”
from my chocolate cookbook

Puree in blender:
1 cup coconut milk (I use canned full-fat)
6 ice cubes
2 tbsp chia seeds (Grind them in a coffee grinder first if you don’t have a Blendtec or Vitamix. Otherwise the shake will be lumpy rather than thick and smooth.)
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
1 tbsp honey
10 drops vanilla stevia, or more to your taste (you can sub more honey, but it’s better with the vanilla stevia)

Makes one grown-up or two child-sized servings.

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    I just love all of your recipes. Thank you for sharing. Random question on raw cocoa…do you know how long it stays “good?” Or where do you buy yours from? I was looking at some and carob powder from azure, but if memory serves (it has been a few weeks since I looked) they can only guarantee that the 25lb quantities are completely gluten free. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says

    Love Pippi Longstocking! Great floor cleaning technique Kelly, especially when you’re busy with three little sweeties!
    The ChocoChia Shake looks heavenly. I have all of the ingredients on hand and will make one this afternoon. Sometimes nothing is better than a frosty chocolate shake ~ even better w/coconut instead of dairy! Thanks for the great recipe and ALL of your wonderful tips and recipes! ~ Virginia

  3. says

    Oh I’m so ready for this! I always make my chocolate protein shake with coconut milk (canned) – recipe coming soon! – and it makes it taste so creamy it’s as if you’re drinking melted chocolate ice cream. LOVE your addition of chia!

  4. Anonymous says

    Wow, I so remember Pippi and her scrubbing the floor with brushes on her feet. I used to wash my floors with facecloths.Now I love and use my steam mop….it rocks. so easy and quick.You would love one.

  5. Steph says

    I just finished my shake and it was sooo good. I’m doing ACD right now, so I subbed a little xylitol for the honey and didn’t have cacoa powder, so I used carob instead. Thanks for sharing this…it was just the treat that I needed!

  6. says

    This looks delicious I will be trying it shortly tonight at dinner as a treat for when my husband comes home and is tired.
    I have been looking for ways to get chia meal into our diet lately.
    I have posted a recipe on my blog for a dairy free, grain free roux sauce. I took my inspiration from your fantastic cook book and I hope you have a minute to view it.

    Tricia @

  7. Nicole R says

    Hi there this looks great! Excited to try. you said youuse Cacao when no heat is involved, can it not be used when heat IS involved? Thanks for the recipe

  8. Anonymous says

    Okay, so this looked amazing and I had to try it – ASAP! And I didn’t have enough ice cubes. So I subbed frozen acai berry puree for the ice cubes and it was out of this world phenomenal: the best (dairy or non-dairy) milkshake I have ever consumed – IN MY LIFE! Thank you again Kelly. We are all – every last reader – so fortunate to have access to all the fantastic (perfectly balanced, flavourful) recipes you create. Thank you, thank you, thank you, ad infinitum! -Sheri

  9. says

    I’m enjoying one now (without any stevia)! This is the first recipe of yours I’ve tried & if this is any indication…I’m addicted! Thanks so much!

  10. says

    I came across this recipe this morning and made it right away. I’m really picky and most of the time I don’t enjoy super healthy stuff, unfortunately. But this. Oh, this is good! Nicely done. I’ll be making this again and again. It’s nice to find something that tastes good but I don’t have to feel guilty about. :) I’ve been trying to find ways to introduce chia into my diet, since I’ve heard such good things about it. I bought some on a whim and this is the second time I’ve used it. So far, so good!

  11. Anonymous says

    Thanks Kelly, for a fabulous smoothie/shake. I made it candida friendly by omitting the honey and adding 4 drops of chocolate stevia and 1T. coconut oil (still solid). I also added half an avocado. Delicious!

    Miss Jem

  12. Anonymous says

    This looks delish. By the way… I’ve loved the Noisy Village book. You should check out Brenda Brave, the DVD, from the public Library. Same author and the sweetest 30 mn children’s story. A favorite of ours.

  13. Mari says

    I’ve been playing around with this recipe for about a week now, and I’ve somehow morphed it into something resembling soft-serve ice cream, and it is beautiful. I use about 3 tbsp of chia seeds (ground golden flax works too, but isn’t as tasty), 1 cup of coconut milk (sometimes half milk and half water), enough ice to make the milk line rise to 2 cups, a dash of salt and vanilla, a bit more cocoa and stevia, and then about 1/4 tsp guar gum (I have a ton to use up, and don’t seem to react to it like others do).

    Anyway, this has been a godsend in the middle of a heatwave, so thank you so very much for the recipe. :)

  14. noelle says

    have you tried this with almond milk? wondered if there were any reviews of this shake with the almond milk. thanks!

  15. noelle says

    wondering if you have tried this with almond milk. any reviews of this shake recipe with almond milk? thanks!

    • says

      Yes, it’s good but less thick than with canned coconut milk. To thicken, try using double the chia (and maybe let it sit for a few minutes), frozen banana, and/or nut butter.

  16. says

    We all have the flu. Since being grain free for the last 3 years, I really miss a nice bowl of hot oatmeal when I’m recovering. I used this recipe as a base for a hot chia cereal. YUM! Leave out the ice cubes, add some shredded coconut and heat over the stove. :-)

  17. says

    Try throwing in a handful of frozen (organic) raspberries. I used almond milk when I threw in the raspberries but I’m sure any milk would work. My husband said it tastes like a raspberry truffle. Great valentines day snack!

  18. Faith says

    Made this today and used 6 large frozen strawberries in place of the ice cubes (and omitted the stevia as I thought it might be too sweet otherwise). Delicious!!!

  19. Faith says

    Made this today and used 6 large frozen strawberries in place of the ice cubes (and omitted the stevia as I thought it might be too sweet otherwise). Delicious!!!

  20. J.C. says

    Hi! What’s the shelf life of chia seeds? I have had some in the pantry for probably a year. Do they go rancid?

  21. Karen says

    Just made this morning. I substituted chocolate protein for the cocoa. Very good and creamy. Thanks!

  22. Suzette says

    I made this with organic unsweetened almond milk ( Whole Foods 365 almond milk, 40 calories a cup). It was awesome! The whole family loved it! I also threw in a Tbs of organic dark choc. chips.

    I grind my chia seeds with a coffee grinder(Krups grinder) I keep just for chia seeds. I grind enough to fill a 16oz jar & then store the powder in the fridge.

  23. says

    Just made this for the first time. I haven’t had a blender for two years so no I’m getting into making smoothies and this is my first shot! Love it. Made a double batch. I don’t care for the taste of Stevia so I only used 5 drops for a double batch. Doubled the honey and used a tiny bit of pure Vanilla extract. Yummy! Can’t wait to try some of your other smoothie recipes!

  24. Sherry Loomis says

    OH, THANK YOU! Having just started low carbing again, I’ve been wondering how to get an ice cream fix!!

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