The Spunky Coconut Podcast: episode 9 : Kelly talks more with Ricki

In this episode Kelly and Ricki talk about recipe development, fermented foods, healthcare, and detoxing.

See Ricki’s full bio HERE.

Ricki is doing My Sweet Victory detox in March with Andrea Nakayama for people to learn to cut the sugar out of their lives.

She is also speaking at Nourished Food Bloggers Conference in April.

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  1. says

    I really enjoyed your talk today. I am learning to live grain free. I have been going through nutrition testing since Dec of 2011. It was an eye opener to find out the main culprit in my diet was grains! I always blamed the butters on garlic bread and the tomato sauces on spaghetti and pizza etc. Never thought it was the breads! Tried going to just sprouted grains first but still had issues. So totally grain free since Dec. I am learning to bake with coconut and almond flours. And I am totally addicted to the health benefits of coconut oil! I cannot say enough about it. I am very curious about 2 things, you mentioned a video you watched on fermenting and I would love to get into that and get the good bacteria back into my gut. Also I am curious about your grain free granola. Is that on your blog or in your cook books, which by the way are on my wish list in Amazon. It will be my next purchase. I really need ideas and cannot wait to order them when I get the funds. Thank you so much for what you do!

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