Celery Root Fries, one of my favorite celeriac recipes


It all started when I got the biggest celery root ever in my Door to Door Organics box a couple weeks ago. The last time I had celery root was when Ashley was a baby, and I couldn’t remember what I did with it. So I asked you guys on Facebook, and you had so many great suggestions. I ended up making fries, and we’ve made them two more times since then. We all think they rooooock :-)

These are two smaller celery roots that I got in my box this week. They are pretty cool looking, eh?

The first thing you have to do is level one end so you can peel it.
Then you can cut the root into sticks for fries. I like mine slightly skinny for a dryer fry.

Celery Root Fries, One of my favorite celeriac recipes

Level one end of the celery root (as in the photo above).

Peel the celery root and cut into sticks for fries.

Drizzle with just a little bit of oil (of your preference) and sprinkle with salt (to help pull out the moisture).

Bake at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes, stirring 3 times so they brown evenly.

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    We gave these a try tonight with a bit of ground up red pepper flakes. I thought they tasted yummy, as did my kiddo, hubby wasn’t so sure. A few hours later, my tummy is upset and so is the kiddo’s :( Looks like no more celery and its relatives for a while.

  2. Jan says

    I just got back from Ashville, NC where they did something like this with Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) over a salad. ’twas delish!

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