Cookie Dough Bites & The Healthy Gluten-Free Life cookbook review


Valentine’s Day is just days away and I wanted to give my loved ones something sweet, but easy to make. I received a review copy of The Healthy Gluten-Free Life, and it inspired me to make cookie dough bites. Although I’ve already made two recipes from this cookbook and loved them, I decided to use my grain-free, refined-sugar free recipe for these cookie dough bites.


What I love most about this cookbook, beside all the great chicken and side dishes, is the photos. My husband, the book designer, and I disagree here. This is the second review cookbook we’ve been given by this publisher, and he thinks the size of the book is too big. But the size is exactly what I love about this book! (Lets just say I’m right 😉 The book is as big as a magazine but much thicker (like four magazines put together), and with beautiful mouth-watering full-page photos on every page. The photos make me swoon.

I’ve already made the Ginger Lime Chicken Bites & Coconut Chicken Strips, and they were yum-o. I haven’t made any of the breads, but I’m sure that if you use gluten-free grains (we don’t often eat gluten-free grains), these would be stellar. The English Muffins look amazing. Most of the desserts also use more gluten-free grains than we like to eat, but I’m more than happy to use this cookbook for the entrees and side dishes only —there are tons of them.

For the cookie dough bites pictured above, I used my Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, minus the chips. I froze the dough in small balls for a good eight hours or more. Then I melted this chocolate over a double boiler and rolled each frozen cookie dough ball in the melted chocolate.
Place the coated bites on parchment paper to dry, then store them in a container in the freezer.

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    I made cookie dough bites a few months ago…but I didn’t freeze them before rolling them in chocolate…that’s such a good idea…don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

    I’m definitely going to try these! Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  2. Susanne says

    what amazing timing…i have been dying for a raw cookie dough recipe (no eggs) for about a week, and lo and behold you post this! perfect, thank you :) while i’m here, i have a baby food question. my daughter is almost 6 months old now (not too far behind Ginger) and is allergic to dairy (in the breastmilk), so i’ve been having a lot of cashew milk/cream (and loving it! we may not go back to dairy at all). i’m starting her on solids (just one every few days…right now we’re doing avocado as her first). i’d like to eventually introduce her to cashew milk before waiting a year like they say because of the “nuts” thing…i heard somewhere cashew is actually a fruit, so it’s ok, and i heard somewhere else that the nut thing is a myth unless there are nut allergies in the family…can you tell me what has worked for you with your babies? i’d also like to use coconut oil/milk but i’m not sure when to introduce these either. i’m a new mom and it’s so hard to get consistent info about this, and the other moms i know aren’t really into this way of eating. so i thought maybe you would know.

  3. says

    lol!! I had to giggle at your quaffle with Andrew over the size of the book! I agree with him that’s it’s crazy big and bulky as are all the books by that publisher! I’d rather have a smaller, easier to handle book! But I do love the pictures and the great recipes! lol

  4. says

    You are right! One of the hardest problems I am having in our no pasteurized dairy and limited gluten recipe world is having pictures that make me want to try making that. I am asking for the this cookbook for my birthday. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Rachel Ernst says

    I came to your site first looking for a recipe for gluten free cookie dough that is egg-white free that I can freeze in little nibs to use as an ice-cream mix-in. My son loves “cookie dough ice cream.” So, I will start working with this recipe, but if you do have something already figured about the frozen cookie dough, please let me know. I know that what my son loves about it is that it’s chewy and it’s not chocolate! He loves vanilla. And, I like it to be easy, so I would maybe make up a big batch and keep them stored for putting a scoop of nibs onto his ice cream. He also *surprise* loves ice cream cookie sandwiches make with chocolate chip cookies. And, I’d like a good cookie recipe for those. The closer everything tastes to his favorite Trader Joe’s sandwiches, the better.

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