Chicken Pot Pie & The Benefits of Coconut Oil over at The Balanced Platter


Please join me today over at The Balanced Platter. I share this recipe for chicken pot pie with a crumble crust, and the benefits of coconut oil. ♥, Kelly

Update: I’m so sorry, but the Balanced Platter is now offline, and I don’t have a copy of this recipe. I do, however, have an improved chicken pot pie in my upcoming Easy Paleo Meals from The Spunky Coconut (coming in October 2015)


  1. says

    Hi, a couple questions about stuff on your blog….I’ve only heard of a Vitamix, not a Blendtec….what is the difference? Also, on your blog you show that you use Tropical Traditions coconut flour and Virgin Coconut oil….do you ever use their expeller pressed coconut oil?
    Thanks! Love your book, btw!

  2. says

    Made this with a few modifications (added peas, corn and green beans) because I didn’t have quite enough of the ingredients. HUGE hit with hubby! He wasn’t home for dinner and ate as leftovers without knowing what it was. He was very pleased!

  3. Christina says

    This is one of my face recipes, and the link is down at The Balanced Platter. Can you please repost on your site?? Thanks!

    • says

      I’m sorry, Christina! They closed down the website before I could get the text from my recipe :( There will be an improved chicken pot pie recipe in my new cookbook (Fall 2015).

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