The Spunky Coconut Podcast: episode 6 : Kelly talks with Ricki

Ricki has a great deal for 2 ebooks for $10.95 HERE until the new year!

See Ricki’s full bio HERE.

Ricki is doing My Sweet Victory detox in March with Andrea Nakayama for people to learn to cut the sugar out of their lives.

She is also speaking at Nourished Food Bloggers Conference in April.

Also, I said I would link to Biocidin, which I mentioned in this podcast. That link is HERE.

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  1. says

    Oh, how I totally enjoyed listening to two of “my gals”! :-)I always learn so much from both of you, but Ricki especially when it comes to the ACD. Very informative and fun podcast! FYI, I first learned about using psyllium in baking when Ali used it to make her much raved over rustic, xanthan-free, vegan bread back in the spring. I haven’t tried it yet, but definitely want to. She used whole psyllium husks where others use powder. I know that Iris (The Daily Dietribe) used psyllium powder in a recipe recently, too. So the word is getting out. 😉

    Thanks and xo to you both,

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