Gift Ideas #2: Homemade cookies

Who doesn’t love getting homemade cookies? :-) The girls and I baked some gluten-free gingerbread cookies, and got this cute jar at the Ace Hardware store in our town. You can also buy it on Amazon. I tied the jar with an orange ribbon and some glittery leaves from the craft store. They also have inexpensive gift boxes at the craft store that would work too, lined with some paper.

I love using non-traditional colors in my house year round, and especially for Christmas, like this orange ribbon (above). Orange is my favorite color, and I pepper it around my house. It’s in my area rug, pillows, tablecloth, Le Creuset, drawer knobs, oven mitts, and more.

Here are some of the orange decor photos on Pinterest that have been inspiring me lately:

I love this dining room.

And this one too.

This tree got me thinking about drying orange slices. Then I started searching for “dried oranges decor” and found this great garland.

And this awesome wreath.

So I Googled “how to dry oranges” and found these instructions.

I’m definitely going to dry oranges slices now. If I get some good photos after we decorate with them, I’ll share them with you :-)

♥, Kelly


  1. says

    Very nice. :) I should make some healthy allergen-friendly cookies and give them as gifts. Although it will be tempting just to eat them…

    I also love orange. My kitchen and dining colors are orange and green. When we move (which will be in the spring–just to another neighborhood), I plan to embellish even more with the orange and green theme. I was kind of restrained with it here for some reason.

    Good luck with the orange drying!


  2. says

    quick question…..I have a sensitivity to almonds. So what other kind of flour could I use with the coconut flour for this recipe?

    Love all of your recipes!!!! made the banana bread and it was AWESOME!!!

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