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    Oh wow I’m so happy that you decided to do this. I can’t wait to hear it. Thanks so much for doing this, I am a gluten free mom and so i’m very happy.

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    I would like you to talk about gluten free spaghetti and how to cook it. I have tried heartland and Schar. I like Schar better then heartland but I still haven’t found one that won’t stick together. I know this is something that me and my friend has lots of trouble with. If you have any tips I would love some.

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    Your podcast was so cute. I laughed when I thought of how a podcast would go at our house. Either a talk about business stuff or a long rant about Super Mario would happen here. Your family has a nice synergy.

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    Kelly, you and Andrew translate really well on the pod-cast! I can hear what a good pair you are and how much fun you have! I love Ashley’s commentary, 😉 Thank you for including me in the first installment!

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